After the First Episode

I can still recall the day that Dave Goodrich came up to Sean Meredith and me, completely ecstatic about this brand new idea called “The Hub” that had apparently been developing for the past year. After introducing and clarifying the concept, he ended his speech by appointing us the roles of “producer” and “host” for The Hub’s podcast show: the Hubcast. I remember being frozen in shock – one, I had absolutely no idea what The Hub was before Dave entered the room (and I still struggled with it even after he had already spent an hour explaining it) and two, I’ve only listened to about two podcasts in my entire life and was completely clueless as to how one could even create an entire show using just audio. So it’s a wonder that I am sitting here today at my desk, seeing the result of the blood, sweat, and tears we had all poured into this entire program. It’s been so surreal, and I still can’t believe that the launch of the first episode even occurred.


With the lack of experience and knowledge I had in the subject of podcasts, I was doubtful of whether or not I was capable of producing a show that people actually wanted to listen to. I knew that audio was a field that I had left underdeveloped in my experiences as a videographer, but it was definitely something that I was eager to excel in– and the Hubcast was the perfect opportunity to do so. A few weeks later, I found myself sitting in the recording studio of the Impact (hella shout out to them), completely weirded out by the sound of my own voice as I listened to myself ramble on during level checks. Everything had moved so fast, and we were actually doing it!

Recording with butterflies

The first time Sean and I rehearsed our lines for the very first episode was far from smooth sailing. Neither of us liked the sound of our own voices, and I was surprised with the different adjustments in tones and dictation that we had to make in order to sound remotely close to professional.  We began the rehearsal huddled around a shared mic in our office at Will’s House, awkwardly feeling our way through the episode. It took a few tries, but we managed to loosen up and get comfortable with both the content and process of recording our voices. The actual recording process at the Impact was much more composed and I think we both surprised ourselves at how quickly we caught on to what worked and what didn’t. We scrapped our scripted lines and let the vibe fall to casual banter, as we saw that to be more natural and fun for both the listeners and us as co-hosts. We shared a lot of laughs and even stumbled over our words many times, but in the end, I think we really got the hang of it.


The creation of the Hubcast has been a rollercoaster of a ride so far, filled with many late nights and shifts spent stressing. Ultimately, it was a project that opened doors to a vast array of possibilities. No words can explain how rewarding this experience has been (we even got a pizza party), and now we get to sit back and relax for a little in editing mode – until the next episode*.

*Speaking of the next episode…Episode #002 launched today, Thursday, March 3rd! The theme is Makerspaces and the impact that they have had on this campus. Check it out!

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