Art and Science in Review

Art and Science in Review

Bill Heinrich, Hub for Innovation in Learning and Technology Christy Stehouwer, MSU Neighborhoods Katherine Hagman, MSU Science Festival Kelly High McCord, MSU NeighborhoodsMarcus Sanderlin, MSU Career Services Mike Hicks, Department of Residence Education and Housing Services Peter Carrington, W.J. Beal Botanical Garden Roxanne Truhn, MSU Science FestivalBuilt on an unlikely collaboration of MSU units, Peter Carrington’s exhibit, Art and Science: Putting Your Passion to Work, welcomed novel audience experiences of art and meaning for students as well as a few lessons for planning and assessing the impacts of art installations in public-facing university spaces.


A flow chart for the planning & assessment of Carringon's exhibit

Project workflow for the planning & assessment of Carrington′s exhibit.

Read the full report on the exhibit and the assessment of its impact here.