Author: Jessica Knott

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is Working for Students at MSU

In a world where budgets are tight, time is constrained, and it's not always clear where to invest your time and resources... universal design for learning strategies are a great way to support our students success in the learning environment.

By Nathan Evans and John McDaniel This was such a cool example of universal design for learning at MSU, I couldn’t help but share it here.  John McDaniel is an Academic Technology Coordinator in DigitalX who serves the College of Osteopathic Medicine (COM). A couple of years ago the College discovered that they would need to provide closed captioning as an…

What is Online Program Market Opportunity and Why Does it Matter?

What does engagement mean in an online program? To us, it means finding students and helping get them interested in the top-notch programs that MSU has to offer.
Alicia Jenner

by Jessica Knott and Alicia Jenner In our role as online program stewards representing MSU, the Hub has entered into a number of agreements with external service providers. These partners aim to help us scale our ability to support departments seeking to launch or grow online programs, specifically in graduate and professional spaces. Some of…

What is the Hub Online Program (OPM) Management Function and Why Does it Matter

While we have extensive experience in online spaces, and are experts in the conversations that must happen when developing program proposals and business plans we recognize that all of the expertise does not reside here with us alone.
Jess Know

To support the start up of new online programs at MSU, the Hub’s Online Program Management team provides free intermediary and consulting services to support the design, development, and sustainability of online/blended academic programs. Our services are focused on the following areas: Program Planning and Portfolio Management Financial analysis Market research  Program design & curricular…

Introducing the Why Does it Matter Series!

Photo by Chris Lawton on Unsplash Ahhhh, October. Leaves are falling, apples are orcharding and pumpkin spice is… everywhere. I’m Dr. Jess Knott and I’m currently your content concierge for all things Hub-like and digital. In homage to changing seasons, the month of October will see an MSU Hub blog series featuring yours truly along with Brendan Guenther,…

Funding alert! Announcing the CFP for Round 2 of the Catalyst Innovation Program

Our job is to always have our eye on digital learning futures here at MSU, and with this call I want to help you change the way you think about and approach the student experience!
Jess Knott

I have been busy this summer. If you’re my father you might ask – “Wait – isn’t higher ed like having the summer off?” My answer? A vigorous no. As mentioned earlier this summer, we at the Hub are here to help you accelerate your ideas and try new, daring, effective things with your teaching.…

Informal Learning is Growing

the garden is a dynamic museum, where specimens' conditions are painstakingly monitored and their provenance recorded.
Ellie Louson

Informal Learning at State is a new blog series by Dr. Ellie Louson that will explore the spaces for informal learning at MSU. While several definitions of informal learning exist, this series will include learning experiences that are non-curricular and accessible to the public. In other words, these are spaces for learning that admit everyone…

Catalyst Innovation Program Spotlight – Chakrapani and Saldanha

Chakrapani and Saldanha hope that re-designing their course to incorporate various levels of interactivity through VR will help students leverage exploration spaces they didn't previously have access to.

Last October, the Hub launched the Catalyst Innovation Program, providing small amounts of funding to facilitate MSU faculty trying something new with digital tools and teaching approaches “for the purposes of allowing experimentation in spaces with the potential to enhance student learning experiences on a digitally-immersed, global campus.”  Ten projects were ultimately accepted in the…

Like to read? Read with us!

As we've recently welcomed our 21st president and with a new academic year upon us, it's a great time to try something new (to our little book club) - an invitation!
MSU Hub Book Club

By: Summer Issawi, Alicia Jenner, and Sarah Gretter When one of our team mates pitched the idea to of starting a book club to fellow Hub colleagues we were all in. We started the #MSUHubBookClub (as mentioned in a previous post) this past February and spend 4-5 weeks reading a book before we meet at…

Expanding Possibilities for STEM Students

A Ph.D. is not one-size-fits-all, and there are huge benefits to pursuing other interests and gaining transferable skills during your degree.
Ellie Louson

  A few weeks ago I was a panelist at a Science Communication event organized by MSU SciComm for the Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center’s Summer Undergraduate Research Program. The REU participants, visiting STEM undergrads at MSU for the summer, were there to hear about science communication, science-art, outreach, and how to talk about their…

Scholarship Opportunities and Looking Forward

So much teaching work is invisible. It's hard and it's inspiring, and we find ourselves back at square one as often (if not more often) than we find ourselves advancing to square two. And that's how it was to be if we're going to ask tough questions and engage in the necessary inquiry required when an institution works to shift from looking at the now to looking at tomorrow.

One of the most important functions of the Hub is connecting people and ideas to opportunities to share and grow (and meet more people and generate more ideas!). To that end, I’m writing to share an opportunity that came through 2018 Hub Fellow (and 2019 College of Agriculture and Natural Resources Excellence in Teaching New…