Author: Erica Venton

Sustaining a Co-Curricular Record

I'm really excited to see it advance. My Spartan Story gives us all a reason to be excited about the future of student experiences at MSU.
Bill Heinrich

By Bill Heinrich My Spartan Story (MSU’s co-curricular record) hit two big milestones so far in 2020 that will help sustain the initiative. In February 2020 the accreditation coordinator for the campus asked to include this initiative in their update of MSU’s accreditation materials. The Higher Learning Commission, MSU’s accreditor, looks to ensure that: “Co-curricular…

Catalyst Innovation Program 2019 – 2020 Winners

Catalyst awards give us a rapid investment lever for individuals in the #iteachMSU community, when they sense the need for innovation and have an inspired idea, we can give them the boost needed to make something happen.
Brendan Guenther

Greetings everyone! My name is Rashad Muhammad. I am a Learning Experience Designer in the Hub for Innovation in Learning and Technology. As we begin the new year, I am excited to step into the role of the project manager for the Catalyst Innovation Program. Catalyst Innovation Program was designed to incentivize the MSU community…

Informal Learning is Connection

[Mediators] spark conversations, draw out the connections and feelings that each spectator brings in their visit, and prompt them to engage with the art in ways that make sense for them.
Ellie Louson

By Ellie Louson This is the second post in the Informal Learning at State blog series that explores the spaces for informal learning at MSU. While several definitions of informal learning exist, this series will include learning experiences that are non-curricular and accessible to the public. In other words, these are spaces for learning that…