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What is Online Program Market Opportunity and Why Does it Matter?

What does engagement mean in an online program? To us, it means finding students and helping get them interested in the top-notch programs that MSU has to offer.
Alicia Jenner

by Jessica Knott and Alicia Jenner In our role as online program stewards representing MSU, the Hub has entered into a number of agreements with external service providers. These partners aim to help us scale our ability to support departments seeking to launch or grow online programs, specifically in graduate and professional spaces. Some of…

What is the Hub Online Program (OPM) Management Function and Why Does it Matter

While we have extensive experience in online spaces, and are experts in the conversations that must happen when developing program proposals and business plans we recognize that all of the expertise does not reside here with us alone.
Jess Know

To support the start up of new online programs at MSU, the Hub’s Online Program Management team provides free intermediary and consulting services to support the design, development, and sustainability of online/blended academic programs. Our services are focused on the following areas: Program Planning and Portfolio Management Financial analysis Market research  Program design & curricular…