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Scrum: A Look Inside the Hub’s Weekly Stand-up Meeting

By Jessica Knott, Learning Design Manager and Caroline White, Learning Technology Designer

If you walk into the Hub around 10 AM on a Monday morning, you will see our team gathered on Main Street, looking at our project boards and sharing status updates during our weekly stand-up meeting. Our first post about our process,

After the Post It Notes are Gone – Thoughts on Design Thinking in Academia

Artifacts from MSU Hub design thinking exercises.

Leigh Graves Wolf, Assistant Director here at MSU Hub, reflects on some of our recent work. This post originally appeared on her blog.

At the end of one of the MSU Faculty Development seminars I facilitated back in March Dr. Chivukula made an observation during the Applying Design Thinking to Academic Plans workshop.

The new (?) learning designer (engineer)


Dr. Jeffrey Grabill

Jeffrey Grabill, Associate Provost for Teaching, Learning, and Technology and Director of Michigan State University’s Hub for Innovation in Learning and Technology

The process of building a Hub for Innovation in Learning and Technology will likely be a long one. There will be a number of iterations relatively quickly (in the first couple of years),