#iteachmsu Commons Opportunity

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What is #iteachmsu Commons?

A proud, public, and educator-driven statement of teaching practice, #iteachmsu first began on social media as a way for graduate teaching assistants across MSU to share teaching resources, connect with each other, and grow in their teaching practice. Since then, educators (faculty, graduate teaching assistants, advisors, instructional designers, et al.) across roles at MSU have continued to build on the beginnings of #iteachmsu, using it to further share, connect, and grow in their work at the #iteachmsu Commons. Read about Professional Development — For Educators, By Educators.

The #iteachmsu Commons is a space built for educators by educators with the support of the Academic Advancement Network, The Graduate School, and The Hub for Innovation in Learning and Technology. A wide educator community, all those who contribute to the teaching and learning mission of our university, (faculty, TAs, ULAs, instructional designers, academic advisors, et al.) exists across MSU, but can be difficult to fully recognize and leverage because of MSU’s size and decentralized nature. To address this challenge, the #iteachmsu Commons provides an educator-driven space for sharing teaching resources, connecting across educator networks, and growing teaching practice.