Adolfo Ausin

Assistant Professor

Self-paced SPN 440

The goal of this project is to develop a self-paced version of SPN 440 (Structure of Spanish / Introduction to Spanish Linguistics) using original materials that are not tied to a textbook. Available textbooks are not particularly well suited for our students’ varied backgrounds. Furthermore, these varied students’ backgrounds make it challenging to create a course where every student is learning at the same pace. I am hoping that the development of a self-paced version of SPN 440 based on materials explicitly designed for our students will create a successful environment for all students. On the other hand, self-paced modalities create some challenges of their own such as how to make sure that there is meaningful interaction among the students and between the students and the instructor, how to make sure that students engage with the material, or how to make sure that students complete the material by the end of the semester.