Darryl Steele

Darryl Steele joined Team RCPD in 2011 as a Learning Disabilities Specialist. Darryl primarily assists in ensuring that students diagnosed with learning disabilities and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) are connected to the accommodations and resources that maximize their abilities and experience at Michigan State University.  Additionally, Darryl works with students who believe they may have a learning disability, ADHD or a mental health impairment that affects their learning by connecting them to local resources that can provide appropriate assessments.

Darryl came to RCPD with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Special Education (Learning Disabilities/Emotional-Behavioral Disorders) and Master’s degree in Counselor Education (School Counseling), both from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale. He additionally earned a Doctorate degree in Counselor Education and Supervision (College Counseling) from Western Michigan University.  He also has a wide range of experiences related to education, college student development, counseling, and community mental health. His related interests include advocacy, social justice, leadership and multicultural education.

Darryl enjoys fellowshipping with family and friends, sporting events, learning new ideas and trying new foods.