David Stowe

David Stowe’s goal would be to develop fully online versions of two courses he teaches regularly for Religious Studies: REL 175, Religion in Film, and REL 215, Music and Religion. The university-wide move to remote teaching precipitated by the Covid-19 crisis has jump-started his progress on an online REL 215. Since mid-March he has been learning quickly, some new technologies–Zoom meetings, creating videos in Mediaspace, and features of D2L like automated quizzes that he has never used–that should help him develop an online version of Music and Religion. But making available to students recorded Zoom lectures and webinars is not the same as an online course. Being of the generation that came of age before the Internet, he could use Hub coaching on strategies for effective uses of technology in learning. These approaches would carry over to work on his second course, Religion in Film, specifically thinking through ways of translating some of the effective aspects of the face-to-face version to an online environment. It would be a real asset to the department to be able to offer both these courses online, and it may be a necessity for the fall semester. Finally, Religious Studies is in the process of developing a new graduate online certificate program in Global Nonprofit Leadership. Though he has not been part of the team that developed the program, he would like to find ways to contribute his expertise to this innovative initiative. The sort of strategies and skills he could acquire as a Hub Faculty Fellow would surely help him find useful ways to contribute to the success of the new graduate program.