John Monberg

Academic Specialist

Design Thinking The Backend: Technical and Institutional Coordination

Design thinking is at the center of student learning in the Experience Architecture program. The faculty have developed great strengths in user research, prototyping, wireframe design and frontend coding skills. But unless projects can be deployed and adopted by users, the feedback at the core of design thinking is absent. I’d like to develop a package to support the kind of backend infrastructure that can support multiple iterations of design thinking projects by allowing student projects to be deployed and adopted by users. This package would include pedagogical practices, technological infrastructure, and coordination across partners I’ve worked with at MSU, including the Experience Architecture Program, the College of Arts and Letter Technology Office, the Center for Community and Economic Development, and the Digital Scholarship Lab. Back End technology is more specialized, changes more rapidly, and is increasingly connected with other software layers, creating special challenges for supporting student projects. My time at The Hub would support my Our Michigan Ave efforts, an ongoing project to support citizenship and urban planning in Greater Lansing documented here:

Non-traditional Course Design