Rachel L. Morris

Academic Specialist and Graduate Program Director

The project, “Reimagining Online Graduate Education in BLD: Enhancing Curriculum, Improving Relationships,” will work on three online courses for graduate students in the Biomedical Laboratory Diagnostics program. It will revise the core courses: “BLD 805: Communication in the Sciences” and BLD 811: Fundamentals of Scientific Research.” Teaching writing, presenting, and research in online classes is challenging, and the project will explore using new technologies to create more depth in the coursework and to enhance interaction among students and faculty. The project will also investigate some better ways to deal with grading and conferencing with students. In addition, the third class Diagnostic Bacteriology will be developed from scratch. In order to address the rapid changes in technology in the clinical microbiology lab, a course with online “mock lab” interactions using this new equipment, lots of data interpretation, and seamless interaction with bioinformatics software. The Hub will provide just the innovative support needed to expand technical knowledge and skills to develop the courses as imagined.