Robey B. Champine

Assistant Professor of Public Health

Pathway to Public Health: A Pipeline Mentorship and Education Program for High School Students in Flint, MI

Based in Flint, MI, the Master of Public Health (MPH) program at Michigan State University is committed to partnering with local communities to advance public health through education, research, and outreach. Consistent with this mission, the proposed project will offer senior students from a local high school the opportunity to enroll in a free 14-week online course that aims to enhance their interests in, and understanding of, the field of public health. Modules will introduce key concepts and theories in public health, span a range of content areas (e.g., social and behavioral aspects of public health, health equity, epidemiology, community engagement in public health, environmental health, policy/administration), and will highlight different career opportunities in the field.

Current MPH students will assist the lead instructor in the design and delivery of the modules, which will provide an important scaffolding opportunity for them. The modules will be asynchronous so that high school students can complete them at their own pace, and will be supplemented with live discussion sessions via Zoom. In addition, each high school student will be matched with a senior-level MPH student who will act as their mentor. High school students who successfully complete the course will receive a certificate of completion. This proposed project strongly aligns with the MPH program’s efforts to foster the professional development of future leaders in public health, and will help to strengthen its ties to local communities.

Non-traditional Course Design