Sarah Gibbons

Assistant Professor

Remix/Access (transforming WRA 101 multi-modal project into accessibility-focused module)

I believe that accessibility should be a foundational concept throughout our core curriculum. This summer, I intend to transform and develop the standard WRA 101 (freshman writing) multi-modal project — part of the WRAC shared curriculum — into a full accessibility-focused module with a multi-modal capstone, wherein students will learn how to include principles of accessibility in their compositional thinking and follow those principles in their writing within digital spaces. The module will be designed to emphasize the essential nature of accessibility — helping students understand its principles as formative rather than extra — while also modeling accessible practices. This module would be flexible for hybrid and/or online delivery, so the creation of materials and processes would include student-facing digital resources and activities (suitable for hosting on D2L and beyond), video lectures and/or lecture presentations, and revised processes for the multi-modal capstone assignment, all of which would themselves be accessible as well as teaching accessibility as a concept and essential process. It is my intention to present these transformed materials and processes to the WRAC department and other interested faculty in a fall workshop, as well as potential conference presentations, but the primary work would take place in summer 2021 (preferably June/July). Support from the Hub, in the form of best practices conversations as well as assistance with digital materials, would be incredibly valuable.