Silvina Bongiovanni

Assistant Professor

Developing an suite of materials for a (online) Spanish Linguistics course

An introductory course in Spanish linguistics (or any other second language) offers students new opportunities to analyze and use the target language. In combination with literature and culture courses, linguistics courses provide students a nuanced understanding of the richness and heterogeneity across and within Hispanic cultures, as well as the tools to enhance their proficiency and knowledge of the second language. In this project, I will redesign a Spanish linguistics course. I am interested in applying to the fellowship to create new online modules, and build new skills using various technology tools. There are two main goals: (a) update the course with online learning activities to strengthen students’ self-awareness and learning skills, (b) enhance students’ abilities in their second language, and (c) diversify the input and materials students are presented with to give voice to the myriad of expressions of Hispanic cultures. By the end of the program, I will have created (and updated) a course that fosters self-regulated learning, exposes students to a wide range of authentic materials in the second language, and enables hands-on experience in (foundational) linguistic concepts.