Alyssa Harben

Program: PhD in Packaging

Alyssa Harben is a 3rd year packaging PhD student with research focused on optimizing over-the-counter drug (OTC) packaging and labeling to help older consumers notice warnings and comply with instructions. Working as a member of Dr. Laura Bix’s Healthcare Universal Design and Biomechanics (HUB) Team for both her master’s and PhD has enabled her to study the influence of packaging design on human behavior. She became the instructor for PKG 101: Principles of Packaging in Spring 2018, and worked to redesign PKG 101 to emphasize the role of well-designed packaging systems as problem solving strategies for both retailers and consumers.

I hope to find out more about how pedagogical choices in the structure of assessments and classroom management impact students sense of belonging and long term students success. I am primarily interested in students who are just transitioning to the college environment and how their experiences in the classroom impact their overall wellbeing and success as students.