Reyila Hadeer

Reyila Hadeer is a doctoral student in the College of Education. She has worked with youth, adult learners, and teachers in both formal and informal educational settings in China and the U.S. She teaches courses across multilingualism, children’s literature, arts integration, and global approaches to education. Reyila’s current research draws on visual inquiry and narrative inquiry to explore an expansive notion of curriculum and how it relates to curriculum reform.

Reyila created “Global Citizen Diaries,” a documentary-style video interview series about students’ personal growth and how they are shaping their academic experiences in college. Hosted by Michigan State University (MSU) students, this project shares inspiration about how to create your own academic life in college and pursue your passion in today’s world of globalization. The role of globalization is critically discussed from various and multiple/intersectional perspectives in the interview series. We hope that the audience members will feel inspired by the stories they hear, work to alleviate their fears, pursue their passions, and strive to become better global citizens. This project will be ongoing, and Reyila is already imagining a second season.


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