Funding alert! Announcing the CFP for Round 2 of the Catalyst Innovation Program

Our job is to always have our eye on digital learning futures here at MSU, and with this call I want to help you change the way you think about and approach the student experience!
Jess Knott

I have been busy this summer. If you’re my father you might ask – “Wait – isn’t higher ed like having the summer off?” My answer? A vigorous no. As mentioned earlier this summer, we at the Hub are here to help you accelerate your ideas and try new, daring, effective things with your teaching. To that end, with this post, I officially announce the 2019-2020 Catalyst Innovation Program, accelerating selected project proposals with access to up to $10,000 in technology funding. To view the CFP, visit the Hub website. Here’s the thing: you have great ideas, and I know you may need some extra technology funds and brainstorming power to execute them. Our job is to  always have our eye on digital learning futures here at MSU, and with this call I want to help you change the way you think about and approach the student experience!

The Catalyst Innovation Program is relatively new. In September of 2018, the Hub hosted an event featuring academics and provocateurs who gave short talks on their views of the future of digital learning at MSU and beyond. As a part of that event, we announced the inaugural Catalyst Innovation Program; an accelerator program granting support and/or up to $10,000 to educators wishing to leverage technology to enhance learning experiences for their students. Since then, I’ve been working with our inaugural cohort to execute their vision and measure their success. Together, we’ve learned a lot and will spend the next year sharing it with you.

Our inaugural recipients were selected by a panel of reviewers comprised of faculty, staff, and students representing diverse backgrounds and experiences. Each proposal was double-blind peer-reviewed. Ten were selected from 32 applications, each seeking to improve the learning experience at MSU for and with students.

The following is a list of our winning 2018 projects:

Dr. Chris Scales
Residential College for Arts and Humanities
The RCAH Project Studio: Integrated learning/inclusive technologies

Dr. Eva Kassens-Noor
Urban and Regional Planning
Experiencing Autonomous Futures: Engaged learning that challenges technology implementation for smart cities

Dr. Julie Libarkin
Center for Integrative Studies in General Science
Adapting Qualtrics for Adaptive Learning

Representatives from the MA in Educational Technology Program
College of Education
MAET Graduate Online Affinity Learning Space (GOALS)

Dr. Keith Promislow
Machine Learning and Student Collaboration Networks

Dr. Kurt Milberger
Michigan State University Press
The Permutations Imprint of MSU Press

Dr. Monaca Eaton and Dr. Erika Shifflet-Chila
School of Social Work
Innovation and Access: Expanding Educational Reach with Technology Enhancement and Learning Lab

Dr. Sunil Chakrapani
College of Engineering
Dr. Jennifer Saldanha
Lyman-Briggs College
Use of Virtual and Augmented Reality Technology to Enhance Student Learning Gains in Computer-Aided Manufacturing

Dr. Rebecca Jordan
College of Agriculture and Natural Resources
Model-Based Learning for Large Lectures

Dr. Paul Irving
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Supporting Scientific Practice Development Through an Individualized Feedback App

Stay tuned for more feature highlights from previous winners, and start thinking about your ideas for submission! Click here to submit your ideas!

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