Chris Reyes

Ambitious. Rebellious. Corgi fanatic.

There is a quote Chris references about anthropology by Ruth Benedict: “The purpose of anthropology is to make the world safe for human difference.” He is currently aiming to incorporate his anthropological, biological, and UX design experience into the realm of NASA.

Christopher’s open-mindedness and optimism allows him to excel in creating bonds between people and the ability to be a voice for them. He is the co-founder of a mental health organization, MSU Project LETS. He has been an advocate for mental health and a voice for student in an inclusive group

In his free time, Christopher loves dairy store runs, reading, and chilling with his corgi, Astro.

With SIT, he hopes to tackle issues that MSU students are facing and allow them to ride the wave with minimal problems once they step foot on campus. By incorporating his personal experiences at MSU, he will definitely figure out ways to make some positive changes at Michigan State University.