Meet the Hub Team

By Teal Amthor-Shaffer, Director of Engagement; Caroline White, Learning Technology Designer; & Hanna Kielar, Engagement Assistant

One very important element currently missing from the Hub’s digital presence are the people on our team. If you follow us on Twitter or pay attention to #MSUHub, then you may have some idea of the talented crew working on our projects, although you’re only getting 140 character glimpses of them at a time. Over the last 18 months, the Hub has evolved rapidly as a team, as a culture, as an organization, and as a portfolio of projects. Almost everything that we do is in a stage of iteration, and while we strive to approach our work with an eye toward continuous improvement, some of that is simply because we are new, we are growing, and we are learning as we go.

As we emphasize in our engagement platform, the Hub is fundamentally people. We consider all individuals who collaborate and engage with us to be a part of our team. Over the next few weeks, we will introduce you to some of the people you may meet when you visit our space or collaborate with us. We hope that the videos we created, along with the six-word stories that summarize our individual roles, will give you a better sense of who we are, what we are passionate about, and the work that we do.

Keep an eye on this post and our social channels to learn more about our team and connect with us!


Name: Jessica Knott  (@jlknott)

Title: Learning Design Manager

6 word story: Finding student voice in faculty domains

Name: Bill Heinrich (@BillHridesbikes)

Title: Director of Assessment

6 word story: Learning together to ask hard questions.

Name: Rashad Muhammad (@1mantrain)

Title: Instructional Designer

6 word story: Trying stuff out and seeing what breaks.

Name: Breana Yaklin (@BreanaYaklin)

Title: Instructional Designer

6 word story: Exploring possibilities for improving student experiences.

Name: Emily Brozovic (@emilyJbro)

Title: Instructional Designer

Name: Tommy Truong (@Tommicchi)

Title: Learning Experience Designer

6 word story: Student agency through collective campus engagement.

Name: Brendan Guenther (@brendanguenther)

Title: Director for Academic Technology

6 word story: Bringing people together to transform our campus.

Name: Emma Kukuk (@emmackukuk)

Title: Engagement Assistant

6 word story: Connecting communities through conscious, meaningful outreach.

Name: Alyssa Bradley

Title: Media Production Specialist

6 word story: Craft visual communication between faculty, students.

Name: Jen-Nien Yang (Ryan) (@msu_ryang)

Title: Associate Director, Teaching and Learning Technology

6 word story: Enhance learning experience through innovation in design and technology.

Name: Caroline White (@carolinerwhite)

Title: Learning Technology Designer

6 word story: Exploring ideas, creating meaningful student experiences.

Name: Mark Sullivan (@gesteunterzwang)

Title: Innovation Catalyst

6 word story: Composing Dialogues: Sound, Image, Media, Partners

Name: Jeff Grabill (@grabill)

Title: Associate Provost for Teaching, Learning, and Technology
Directory, Hub for Innovation in Learning and Technology

6 word story: Shape, vision, facilitate, learning, experiences, teaching

Name: Leigh Graves Wolf (@gravesle)

Title: Assistant Director

Name: Hanna Kielar (@hkielar1)

Title: Engagement Assistant

6 Word Story: Creating engaging digital and cultural experiences

Name: Chloe Arielle Foster (@chloeafoster)

Title: Lead Designer

6 Word Story: Transforming ideas, creating clarity, cultivating change

Name: Elizabeth Martin, (@Eliz_R_Martin)

Title: Student Experience Designer

6 Word Story: Students provoke and guide institutional innovation

Name: Nate Evans, @nateevans

Title: Manager, Digital Content & Accessibility

6 Word Story: Encouraging a web for every one

Name: James Jackson, @jamesedjac

Title: Electronic Information Technology Accessibility Coordinator

6 Word Story: Making Education Inclusive for Persons with Disabilities

Name: Teal Amthor-Shaffer, @Teal57

Title: Director of Engagement

6 Word Story: Storytelling amplifies, connects, and builds community.

Name: Susan Halick (@susanhalick)

Title: Instructional Designer

6-word story: Brainstorming effective teaching and learning strategies

Name: Nick Noel (@nicknoel721)

Title: Instructional Designer

6 word story: Connecting campus with the wider world.

Name: Jerry Rhead (@rheadmore)

Title: Director of Academic Entrepreneurship

6 word story: Engaging stakeholders. Expanding thinking. Establishing partnerships.

Name: Keesa V. Johnson (@keesav)

Title: Learning Designer

6 word story: Creating authentic 21st century Learning cultures

Name: Erik Skogsberg, @erikskogs

Title: Teacher Learning Designer

6 word story: Co-creating cultures where educators thrive.

Name: Julie Orler

Title: Operations, Events, and Meetings Coordinator

6 word story: Planning and connecting communities to collaborate.

Name: Dave Goodrich (@Rangerdavie)

Title: Learning Experience Designer

6 word story: Cultivating collaborative communities of inquiry & practice

Name: Erin Campbell (@erinmcampbell28)

Title: Experience Designer

6 word story: Designing experiences, creating empathy, normalizing inclusion

Name: Angie Martin

Title: Finance and Personnel Administrator

Name: Ezra Brooks (@ezbrooks)

Title: Developer

6 word story: Data is stories, people, and interpretations.

Name: Libby Hoffman

Title: Learning and User Experience Designer


Name: Mark Hodgins

Title: Instructional Designer

6 word story: Creating innovative learning systems and environments

Name: Shillo Wright

6 word story: Interpreting diverse voices, building cultural environment.

Name: Mark Largent

Title: Director of Learning Analytics


Name: Becky Matz

Title: Assistant Professor

6 word story: Changing the classes students love to hate.

Name: Troy Livingston

Title: Director of Science Gallery Labs Detroit

6 word story: Developing the antidote to formal education.