Our Team

Jeff Grabill - Director

Associate Provost for Teaching, Learning, and Technology
Shape, vision, facilitate, learning, experiences, teaching

Teal Amthor­-Shaffer

Director of Engagement
Storytelling amplifies, connects, and builds community

Alyssa Bradley

Media Production Specialist
Craft visual communication between faculty, students

Nate Evans

Manager, Digital Content & Accessibility
Encouraging a web for every one

Dave Goodrich

Instructional Designer
Cultivating collaborative communities of inquiry & practice

Sarah Gretter

Learning Designer
Adapting teaching to 21st century realities.

Brendan Guenther

Chief Academic Digital Officer
Student experiences, digital learning, growing programs.

Susan Halick

Instructional Designer
Brainstorming effective teaching and learning strategies

Bill Heinrich

Director of Assessment
Learning together to ask hard questions

Kevin Henley

Instructional Designer
Creativity, Accessibility, and User-Centered Design

Mark Hodgins

Instructional Designer
Creating innovative learning systems and environments

Summer Issawi

Learning Experience Designer
Creating what could be.

Alicia Jenner

Learning Designer
Building networks to create engaged communities

Michael Lockett

Curriculum Theorist
Study, craft and refine curricula.

Ellie Louson

Learning Designer
Cultivate student & educator thriving. Build community.

Angie Martin

Finance and Personnel Administrator

Becky Matz

Academic Specialist
STEM education research and assessment

Rashad Muhammad

Instructional Designer
Trying stuff out and seeing what breaks

Julie Orler

Operations, Events, and Meetings Coordinator
Planning and connecting communities to collaborate

Jerry Rhead

Director, Academic Entrepreneurship
Engaging stakeholders. Expanding thinking. Establishing partnerships

Erik Skogsberg

Teaching Learning Designer
Co-creating cultures where educators thrive

Mark Sullivan

Innovation Catalyst
Composing Dialogues: Sound, Image, Media, Partners

Caroline White

Learning Technology Designer
Exploring ideas, creating meaningful student experiences

Breana Yaklin

Instructional Designer
Exploring possibilities for improving student experiences

Advisory Board

Bob Floden

Dean of the College of Education
Michigan State University

Karen Klomparens

Executive Director and Senior Advisor to the Provost
Michigan State University

Mark Largent

Interim Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education & Interim Dean of Undergraduate Studies
Michigan State University

Chris Long

Dean of the College of Arts and Letters
Michigan State University

Jackie Rhodes

Professor, Department of Writing, Rhetoric and American Cultures
Michigan State University

Steve Weiland

Graduate Professor in Higher, Adult and Lifelong Education
Michigan State University