Episode 0 – Relaunch of the Hubcast

Welcome to the relaunch of the Hubcast everyone. We’re switching up formats for this new version, and focusing more on conversations with our project partners. Have no fear though, if you want to hear older episodes, we’ll have those available soon. So, why are we doing this? Good question! The answer is that  MSU’s Hub for Innovation in Learning and Technology doesn’t function without it’s project partners, and we want to highlight those partnerships, in order to invite others to come and work with us. What does it mean to work with us? Another great question! Basically, there are numerous ways that you can work with the Hub, as well as IT Services. We can act as facilitators for a departmental project, partners in course designs, consultants on technology issues, or as a design group tackling a problem. This is just some of the examples, there are many more, as we try and adapt to the needs of our project partners. So, listen to the upcoming episodes, and more importantly come down to the Hub at Wells Hall, check out our team, ask us some questions, and work with us.