Post-OLC Innovate 2017 Reflection

Post-OLC Innovate, 2017: A Collaborative Reflection

A story of travel delays and brave MSU presenters. Hub staff offers a reflection on the Online Learning Consortium in New Orleans.

By Dave Goodrich, Instructional Designer and Breana Yaklin, Instructional Designer

This year, we had a large representation from Michigan State University (MSU) at OLC’s Innovate conference down in New Orleans in early April. This conference exists to build new foundations for stronger, better education environments by bringing people together around this shared goal. Sessions, workshops, plenaries and keynotes are curated around adapted teaching behaviors using emerging technologies that are aimed at informing policy, inspiring leadership, and evolving practice at primary and secondary institutions, universities and colleges. The goal of this post is to provide a brief space for collective reflections from those who were present this year from various teams across MSU.

An interesting twist this year was that the timing of the conference happened to coincide with Delta’s recent weather-related flight cancellation woes. Our flights home Friday evening were cancelled, and Delta couldn’t guarantee a rebooking for some of us until the following Tuesday. This made for a challenge, but an excellent team-building activity. Melissa, Patti, Breana, Caroline, Keesa, Emily, and Tina decided to rent cars and red eye a drive home. Erik and Dave decided to stay in NOLA for an extra day and bank on getting home on a rebooking for a Sunday morning flight.

From left to right: Dave Goodrich, Erik Skogsberg, Caroline White, Breana Yaklin, and two members of AANP

Stranded in NOLA

Team Effort

Apparently there were 17 of us and at least 12 different conference presentations from MSU representatives. As you can see on the conference schedule, we basically took over the place:

Engaging Communities Of Practice Across The Disciplines And Generations To Promote Student Success: Inside Teaching MSU

Lead Presenter: Melissa McDaniels (Michigan State University) Co-presenters: Reggie Noto (Michigan State University), Erik Skogsberg (Michigan State University), Patti Stewart (Michigan State University), Stephen Thomas (MSU)


Student Personas: Representing Student Voice In Design And Decision Making

Lead Presenter: Breana Yaklin (Michigan State University)

Co-presenter: Caroline White (Michigan State University)

Authentically Designing For Empathy: Developing The Social And Emotional Intelligence Of Learners Utilizing Immersive Learning And Design

Lead Presenter: Keesa Johnson (IT Services Teaching and Learning )

Co-presenters: Emily Brozovic (MSU), Tina Blaschke-Thompson (Michigan State University)

Using Legos to Prototype Ideas & Tour of the Innovation Lab

Lead Presenter: Steven Crawford (Arizona State University) Chair of Innovation Lab

Co-presenter: Dave Goodrich (Michigan State University) Co-Chair of Innovation Lab

Agile as Amplification: A Process for Campus-Wide Collaboration and Transparency

Lead Presenter: Jessica L. Knott (Michigan State University)

Co-presenter: Ryan Yang (Michigan State University)

Behind the Badge: Creating Robust Co-Curricular Competency Tracking Programs

Lead Presenter: Scott Schopieray (Michigan State University)

Co-presenter: Jessica L. Knott (Michigan State University)

The #3Wedu Conversation: Challenging Barriers for Women Who Innovate

Lead Presenter: Jessica L. Knott (Michigan State University)

Co-presenters: Tanya Joosten (University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee), Patrice Torcivia Prusko (Cornell University), Nori Barajas (OLC)

The Connected Cohort: Redefining Mentorship and Professional Development with Innovative Cross-Institutional Collaborations

Lead Presenter: Angela Gunder (University of Arizona)

Co-presenters: Jessica L. Knott (Michigan State University), Ben Scragg (The Ohio State University)

Leveraging Narrative In Online Course Design: Storytelling, Ethnography, and the Hero’s Journey

Lead Presenter: Cathy Russell (University of Arizona & Lone Star College)

Co-presenters: Angela Gunder (University of Arizona), Jessica L. Knott (Michigan State University)

We learned a bunch

In reflecting together upon our return, Caroline, Kate, and Scott mentioned that there are valuable things experienced in conferencing with a group of teams from one’s own institution. For instance, you have probably experienced going to a conference before and wishing you could be two places at once. Going as a group partially gives you this ability. You are able to experience the conference through the eyes and experiences of a colleague who you can reflect with at the conference, on the way home, or even upon return.

This happened for a few of us this year. Inspired by Leigh Graves Wolf, Scott wrote a mass email to our various MSU colleagues, asking if we wanted to collaboratively take notes throughout the duration of the conference. This enabled us to get a glimpse into the sessions, people and connections being made across our teams during the conference.

Without linking to the messy notes we took, we thought we would share a glimpse of these brief reflections with you by asking each MSU attendee to mention the top 3 takeaways they experienced this year at OLC Innovate. We will share these below and then invite you to join the fun and contribute your own top 3 takeaways from OLC Innovate if you attended this year.

Continuing the conversations…

If you enjoyed this brief OLC Innovate 2017 reflection, then you may want to read what Keegan Long-Wheeler reflected on recently in his own blog post, “My OLC Innovate 2017 Journey”. If you don’t know Keegan or John Stewart at the University of Oklahoma, the things they are doing to engage folks in the game design process, gameful learning, and the science of play for educator development is nothing less than compelling. See more about their eXperience Play work here. We are looking forward to connecting with them and others at the “Domains 2017” conference in June and at the University of Michigan’s “Going Gameful: Level Up Your Teaching” conference this July. Hope to see you there too!

So, how about you? What were your top 3 takeaways? We would love to hear them!



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