MSU’s College of Engineering is extending online access to mechanical, electrical and computer, and civil engineering master’s degree programs to students and working professionals around the world. The Hub is partnering to produce program designs that focus on a high-quality student learning experience.

The Hub is working with the College of Engineering to put three graduate programs online: Mechanical, Electrical and Computer, and Civil Engineering. The Hub is partnering with the Digital X Team to help faculty design and develop their courses online, including recording lecture videos for online students. The Hub is also providing an interim program coordinator to support and assist with program development and facilitation for the external marketing partner, All Campus


  • College of Engineering
  • Digital Content and Accessibility Team, IT Services
  • All Campus (external marketing partner)

Our Process:

We’re consulting with faculty and checking in regularly with the department chairs and All Campus to discuss some of the bigger project needs. With the faculty, we have rooted our consulting work in both Backward Design and the ADDIE instructional design model to help faculty think through their learning experiences and map out their planned video lectures before they begin building in D2L. We’re also incorporating some User Experience practices by gathering feedback from students, and we’re excited to now have a Mechanical Engineering Graduate Student working with us to consult with faculty.

Project Team:

  • Breana Yaklin, Hub
  • Alicia Jenner, Hub
  • Alyssa Bradley, MSU IT, DigitalX team
  • Emily Brozovic, MSU IT
  • Summer Issawi, Hub
  • Liz Pollack, ME Grad Student
  • James Klausner, ME Chair
  • John Papapolymerou, ECE Chair
  • ME Faculty: Patrick Kwon, Tom Pence, Ron Averill, Junlin Yuan, Neil Wright, Joerge Petrasch
  • ECE Faculty: Tim Hogan, Ed Rothwell, Tim Grotjohn, Hassan Khalil, Prem Chahal, Nihar Mahapatra, Kalyanmoy Deb, Fathi Salem
  • Neeraj Buch, CEE Chair
  • CEE Faculty: Peter Savolainen, Tim Gates, Syed Haider, Emin Kutay, Karim Chatti, Neeraj Buch


We piloted two of the courses online in Fall 2018 and two more Spring 2019 and we are working on the official launch of both online programs for Fall 2019. We’ve gathered feedback from the faculty and students in the Fall 2018 courses, and we’re using the lessons learned there to help guide our work moving forward. We’ve also recently been gathering faculty for monthly faculty workshops to open up communication between faculty working on their online courses together.

2020 update

We have successfully launched both Mechanical and Electrical and Computer Engineering online programs in the fall of 2019. Our online course design process has evolved into development sprints. The Hub and MSU IT services will offer learning design support and video recording and production support to assist faculty with developing their courses for the online environment through a series of three design sprints between fall 2019-December 2020. The Hub will also provide guidance at the program and college level with regard to supporting online students. The Civil engineering online program will launch in January 2021.