#iteachmsu Commons

The #iteachmsu Commons is a digital platform designed by and for MSU educators (faculty, graduate teaching assistants, academic specialists, advisors, librarians, instructional designers, et al.) to share teaching and learning resources, connect with other educators, and grow their teaching practice. The #iteachmsu Commons is a culmination of a multi-year collaboration amongst educators across campus who provided ongoing insights, testing, and feedback. This platform will help to facilitate a robust educator community and development across MSU.

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Makena Neal with quote "I have been at MSU for my life as a college student and had many varied experiences as both a learner and an educator. #iteachmsu is a rallying cry that helps recognize and celebrate all the people who contribute to teaching and learning on our campus, all the while providing a space for them to gather together to learn with and from one another. "

Our Partners

A proud, public, and educator-driven statement of teaching practice, #iteachmsu first began on social media as a way for graduate teaching assistants across MSU to share teaching resources, connect with each other, and grow in their teaching practice. Because of support from MSU’s Academic Advancement Network and Graduate School, teamed with us here at the Hub for Innovation in Learning and Technology, we have been able to build the #iteachmsu Commons to support educators (faculty, graduate teaching assistants, advisors, instructional designers, et al.) across roles at MSU in further sharing, connecting, and growing in their work. The team contributing directly to the advancement of this digital space was comprised of individuals from multiple units supporting educators across our campus: faculty, graduate students, undergraduate students, administrators, and staff; and was regularly informed during the design and prototyping phases of development by an advisory group made up of individuals representing equally diverse educator roles. 

Our Process

Educators at MSU can visit iteach.msu.edu to access and contribute to the #iteachmsu Commons. You’ll find that content may be discipline-specific or transdisciplinary, but will always be anchored in teaching competency areas. You will find blog post-like articles, curated playlists, educator learning assessments, and badging, along with a campus-wide teaching and learning events calendar. 

The #iteachmsu Commons is also home to the Thank an Educator initiative. the “Thank an Educator” initiative and are recognizing those individuals today to 1) help demonstrate the diversity of educators across roles on campus, 2) help individuals associate their name/work with “educator” and embrace their educator identity, and 3) celebrate the amazing individuals we have shaping the learning experiences and success of students on our campus. Spartans can visit iteach.msu.edu and click “Thank an Educator” in the left panel to recognize the positive contributions of fellow Spartans that have made a lasting impact on their teaching and learning experience. Annually those individuals who are submitted, are recognized with the #iteachmsu Educator Award. 

We cultivate this Commons across spaces. And through your engagement, we will continue to nurture a culture of teaching and learning across MSU and beyond. We now hope you’ll join us in what has become a larger movement recognizing teaching and learning work across MSU.

Project Team

Current team:
  • Makena Neal
  • Rashad Muhammad
  • Dave Goodrich
  • Krubel Habteyes
  • Ashley Braman
Past contributors:
  • Erik Skogsberg
  • Lizzie Marks
  • Maddie Shellgren
  • Melissa McDaniels
  • Patti Stewart


Content on the #iteachmsu Commons is sorted into five categories: Assessing Learning, Incorporating Technologies, Navigating Context, Pedagogical Design, and Disciplinary Content. The content shared on iteach.msu.edu does not need to be “approved” by any one member. Instead, users are required to select the category that best fits the content they are contributing. If their content does not fit within any of the five categories, their content might be a better fit elsewhere. 

As of 4/29/2020

Just shy of 200 Spartans have logged in to iteach.msu.edu using their MSU netID and joined the community of MSU educators in the #iteachmsu Commons!

Ten user-generated groups have been created to create sub-communities in the Common’s core group “#iteachmsu” (which all new members are automatically added) and the two support groups!

15 playlists have been publically curated to guide educators through specific topics such as: policy best practices, assessment strategies, planning for teaching experiences, and storytelling!

Since it’s inception, over 200 MSU educators have been recognized for their high impact practices by receiving the #iteachmsu Educator Award.