My Spartan Story

My Spartan Story supports students in understanding and articulating the value of their learning experiences at MSU beyond the classroom. Students receive a Spartan Experience Record that complements their academic transcript. This record gives students language to talk about competencies they have developed from activities such as internships or volunteer opportunities, and better prepares them to engage with future employers and graduate schools.

Tracking student learning in co-curricular experiences matters to students, their future employers, graduate schools, and the MSU campus. My Spartan Story is an interactive platform that captures MSU student learning experiences outside of the classroom. Co-curricular activities can include, but are not limited to: leadership programs, student employment, research positions, internships, and service-learning and civic engagement opportunities. Engagement with the platform provides data for a student’s official Spartan Experience Record, and can be shared by students with future employers and graduate schools. Activities listed on the Spartan Experience Record must be MSU sponsored and aligned with MSU’s undergraduate learning goals, relevant learning outcomes and/or other competencies.


  • Office of the Provost
  • Office of the Associate Provost, Undergraduate Education
  • Office of Undergraduate Research
  • Office of the Registrar
  • College of Arts and Letters-Dean’s office
  • College of Communications Arts and Sciences-Dean’s office
  • College of Agriculture and Natural Resource-School of Packaging-Dean’s office
  • College of Natural Science-BMB
  • College of Social Science-PSYC
  • Division of Student Affairs and Services
    • Career Services
    • Student Life, RSO, Late Night Programming
    • Center for Service Learning and Civic Engagement
  • Office of Inclusion & Intercultural Initiatives
  • Residential Education & Housing Services
  • The Hub for Innovation in Learning and Technology
  • MA program in Student Affairs Administration
  • MSU Information Technology Services
  • MSU Academic Data Solutions

Our Process:

In Spring of 2016, a small group of faculty, academic staff members, and student support administrators convened to begin to determine the academic rationale for a co-curricular record at MSU. Under the leadership of the Provost, Dr. June Pierce Youatt, and with stewardship in the campus incubator, the Hub for Innovation in Learning and Technology, this group worked to define the rationale within MSU and scope the nature of the potential record. Read the rest of the story.

Project Team:

Key Partners/Sponsors

  • Provost June Youatt (project sponsor)
  • Associate Provost, Undergraduate Education Mark Largent
  • Associate Provost, Teaching, Learning & Technology Jeff Grabill
  • Registrar, Steve Shablin
  • Associate Registrar, Kris Schuette
  • Director, Undergraduate Research, Korine Wawryzinski
  • Director Center for Service Learning and Civic Engagement, Renee Brown

Advisory & Validation Committee (Provost Charge)

  • Ann Hoffman (CAS)
  • Kari Schueller-Lopez (CAS)
  • Leslie Thompson (BMB)
  • Scott Schopieray (CAL)
  • Ryan Yang (ITS)
  • Kristi Coleman (Career Services Network)
  • KC Keyton (CSLCE)
  • Tina Houghton (CSLCE)
  • Laurenza Riojas (CSLCE)
  • Portia Watkins (Student Life)
  • Lizzy King (UR)
  • Sarah Handspike (Psychology)
  • Kang Li (NSSC)
  • Perry Fittrer (NSSC)

Steering Committee (Provost Charge)

  • Jeff Grabill (Hub)
  • Mark Largent (APUE)
  • Kelly Millenbah (CANR)
  • Michele Jackson (LBC)
  • Sonja Fritzsche (CAL)
  • Steve Shablin (Registrar)
  • Genyne Royal (NSSC)
  • Korine Wawrzynski (Ex-officio)

Vendor: Orbis Communications

  • Devin Grady, principal
  • Alex Sheppard, account representative

Core Implementation Team

  • Bill Heinrich (Hub)
  • Heather Shea (Hub)
  • Lizzy King (APUE)
  • Tina Houghton (CSLCE)
  • Annette McLane (ITS)
  • Eric Kang (MA program, Student Affairs Administration)
  • Alison Miron (MA program, Student Affairs Administration)
  • Margaret Smith (MA program, Student Affairs Administration)
  • Erin Campbell (Student Innovation Team, Hub)

MSU Analytics and Data Solutions

  • Evelyn Griffin
  • Patti Worso
  • Brian Werner
  • Jodi Potter


  • Justin Booth
  • Drew Beach
  • Ryan Yang


After several years of design work, prototypes, research, testing, vendor reviews and funding allocations, the My Spartan Story platform went live on January 1st, 2019. The campus community is beginning to engage in the platform for student activity tracking and data collection. Over one thousand students and 600 research mentors used the platform for UURAF in 2019. By May of 2019, the campus will be ready to produce the first official Spartan Experience Record. Fall 2019 will see the inclusion of thousands more activities and broad use by thousands of MSU students, faculty, staff, and administrators.