Physician Assistant

Physician Assistants (PA’s) make healthcare systems more agile, affordable, and accessible.  Responding to the increased need for these healthcare professionals across the state, MSU’s medical colleges are collaborating with design experts at the Hub to develop a comprehensive PA-degree curriculum.  Come Summer 2021, MSU will welcome its first PA cohort to campus.

The Hub is supporting the College of Osteopathic Medicine to design a new Physician Assistant Program. We are working with two newly hired PAs to design a program for a day-one ready PA. 

Our Partner:

  • College of Osteopathic Medicine 

Our Process:

The Hub is guiding our COM PA partners through a Backward Design process to identify program outcomes and corresponding assessment and curriculum plans. The Hub is researching current practices related to competency and assessment, and leading the team through short phases to work through each step. To reach the goal of creating a program with strong interprofessional education, the PA team is reaching out to current COM faculty to discuss how the new program might integrate with the existing curriculum, and allow PA students to learn and practice alongside DOM students.

Proposed Shift to Narrative:

More PA’s are needed in the field to reduce the cost and realize more accessible healthcare. 

MSU’s medical colleges are building a new curriculum to graduate PA’s capable of serving in diverse healthcare settings. The Hub facilitates faculty discussions to allow PA students to learn and practice alongside medical and nursing students.

A new PA program creates the opportunity to deliver interprofessional education, which represents a better way to amplify and the shared work of healthcare professionals.

Project Team:

  • John McGinnity, COM PA Medicine Director
  • Lindsay Gietzen, COM PA Medicine
  • Breana Yaklin
  • Eleanor Louson
  • Summer Issawi


The PA team is about to wrap up Phase 4, which is culminating in the presentation of the curriculum plan to the College Curriculum Committee. We have developed a set of student program outcomes, a program assessment plan, and a program curriculum plan. After presenting to the College Curriculum Committee, the team will focus on any feedback and recommended revisions from the Committee, and then work on outlining a “week in the life of a PA student” and assessment mastery levels.