Veterinary Medicine

MSU College of Veterinary Medicine is aiming to lead in a highly competitive space with huge student debt loads. They have partnered with the Hub to design a new curriculum that will produce a better day one vet and reduce debt loads for students.

How might we redesign the veterinary learning experience to better prepare day one ready veterinarians? The Hub supported CVM in designing, prototyping, and implementing a competency-based learning transformation across all years of their curriculum to better prepare students for clinical work. 

Our Partners

Partners: College of Veterinary Medicine
More info: MSU CVM Curriculum Reinvention, MSU College of Veterinary Medicine Kicks off Reinvention

Our Process

We facilitated a process through which the college inquired into and then defined their design challenge (better preparing a day one ready veterinarian), designed and aligned the connected veterinary competencies, designed and implemented new approaches to both curriculum and faculty development and change management, prototyped learning experiences with students, iterated these learning experiences, and then eventually mapped, designed, and developed a scaled program that could best support these learning transformations.

Project Team

CVM Internal Team: Molly Frendo, Dr. Julie Funk, Kevin Henley, Matt Koss, Dr. Jon Patterson, Dr. Ioana Sonea, Dr. Jen Roberts, Dr. Michael Scott, Dr. Bo Norby, Dr. Helene Pazak, Ashley Braman

CVM Year Leads: Dr. Ioana Sonea, Dr. Jen Roberts

Outside Vet Med Education Consultant: Dr. Sara Baillie, Professor Emeritus, Bristol Veterinary School 


Over the last three years, Hub supported faculty in mapping, designing, developing, implementing, and iterating a competency-based curriculum showing early positive gains in student self-determination in veterinary medicine as well as important shifts in relationships amongst faculty, staff, and students. This year, particularly, Hub has supported CVM in developing and teaching the first year of this new curriculum and then launching the second year in Fall ‘19. As Hub focuses on transitioning out of this project by late summer ’19, Hub will support CVM in creating a sustainability plan to further support project success and learning transformation moving forward.