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Let’s Talk About the Next Generation of Learning Systems at MSU

A whiteboard with sketches

By Bill Hart-Davidson, Associate Dean of Research & Graduate Education

This Fall, with the help of colleagues Brendan Guenther & Mark Hodgins from the Hub, I’ve been hosting some structured conversations about learning and the very large systems — “enterprise systems” as they are known in the world of information technology —

Learning Design Strategy Workshop: Feedback and Continuing Conversation

Leigh Graves Wolf, Assistant Director at the Hub for Innovation in Learning and Technology

The purpose of the Learning Design Strategy (LDS) at Michigan State University is to: inspire innovation, shape behavior, and guide decisions. The LDS, as it currently exists, is a set of heuristics which have been designed to help make decisions about how we design learning experiences that are shaped by our values,

Careers, Love Potions, and Grilled Meat: Adventures in Structures and Functions, a Dispatch from Nairobi

Careers, Love Potions, and Grilled Meat: Adventures in Structures and Functions, a Dispatch from Nairobi
By Bill Heinrich, Director of Assessment

The dust, diesel fumes, and honking motorbikes in Nairobi overwhelmed all the senses. The open-market hawkers were making their livings from fresh fruits, vegetables, and ugali (a corn-meal staple).

Anatomy of a Board

Seeing and understanding the work of the Hub: project boards on Main Street
By Teal Amthor-Shaffer, Gerald Rhead, and Erik Skogsberg

A walk down Main Street at MSU’s Hub for Innovation in Learning and Technology is an invitation to collaborate. Main Street, the Hub’s primary thoroughfare, intersects our space in Wells Hall and takes visitors through the central artery channelling and coordinating our day-to-day activities.

Our Post-LMS University

Jeff Grabill, our Director, leads a discussion on the Radius project in the Hub's space. He is standing in front of a white board and talking to a group of seated faculty.

The second in a series of three musings, focused on Learning Management Systems.
By Jeff Grabill, Associate Provost for Teaching, Learning, and Technology & Director of MSU Hub for Innovation in Learning and Technology

What does a “post-LMS” university look like? I asked this of a close colleague of mine who knows this terrain better than I do,

A Space to Act Differently

Jeff Grabill, wearing a lavender shirt, addresses seated faculty during a meeting.

A Space to Act Differently
A discussion on the Hub’s intentional open office design
By Caroline White, Rashad Muhammad, and Nick Noel

In December 2015, the Hub team gathered to discuss the first project of the Hub: the Hub itself. Until then, we had primarily operated through Slack,

After the Post It Notes are Gone – Thoughts on Design Thinking in Academia

Artifacts from MSU Hub design thinking exercises.

Leigh Graves Wolf, Assistant Director here at MSU Hub, reflects on some of our recent work. This post originally appeared on her blog.

At the end of one of the MSU Faculty Development seminars I facilitated back in March Dr. Chivukula made an observation during the Applying Design Thinking to Academic Plans workshop.

MSU College of Veterinary Medicine Kicks Off Reinvention

Thursday, May 19, 2016 was a day of design and collaboration for the MSU College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM). Four facilitators from MSU Hub—Leigh Graves Wolf, Assistant Director; Breana Yaklin, Instructional Designer; and student researchers/designers Chloe Foster and Caroline White—led more than 60 CVM faculty, students, alumni, staff,

Announcing the Launch of the MSU Hubcast

Dave Goodrich, Learning Experience Designer for the Hub, shares the news that the first episode of our podcast, the Hubcast, is live.

It might be an understatement, but we are excited about the launch of the HUB here at Michigan State University.


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