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Course Design Case Studies: An Inside Look

"After you teach your course online the first time, you are going to find things to fix and change. Don't shoot for perfect the first time, shoot for good, and ask for feedback from your students to improve it the next time" - quote from Breana Yaklin, blog author

These are two development cases we’ve recently encountered with faculty creating online courses, and we wanted to share different considerations for approaching an online course or program development. The infographic below breaks down themes we frequently encounter in our work helping faculty design courses, curriculum, and experiences. Lessons Learned: One thing we’ve noticed is that…

The iOS Design Lab at MSU: Create. Share. Impact.

By fall 2018, the lab had recruited a cohort of 20 stellar students to embark on this year-long journey.
Sarah Gretter

Michigan State University has launched the first iOS Design Lab in the United States. The Hub for Innovation in Learning and Technology and the College of Arts & Letters have been working with Apple to offer students a space to create, share, and impact their communities by solving challenges through Swift, the coding language of…

We Welcome Brendan Guenther as Chief Academic Digital Officer

As MSU has been working to design its digital learning future, it's become clear that we need leadership to focus on building our capacity and implementing our plans for our academic digital strategy. Quotation by MSU Provost June Pierce Youatt

MSU has been working to design its digital learning future, and as an important part of adding capacity to that process, Brendan Guenther has been moved into a new role, Chief Academic Digital Officer (CADO). As CADO, Brendan will provide leadership in the implementation and administration of MSU’s digital innovation programs and enabling technologies, working…

On the Horizon: MSU and the Future of Digital Learning

An image of a quote from Jessica Knott: "The future of digital learning is and must be a lot of things: scalable, open and shareable, universally designed and accessible, inclusive, conversational, and intentional."

By Jessica Knott, Learning Design Manager One of the things we spend a lot of time thinking and talking about in the Hub is what the future of digital learning looks like at Michigan State University (MSU) and beyond. Some of the technologies we use in our teaching, learning, and research practices today are the same…

A Tale of Two Projects: Considering UX Research

Title and subtitle read: "A Tale of Two Projects: Considering UX Research." Four silhouettes of people are in the bottom right corner in blue, yellow, red, and green.

By Nick Noel, Instructional Designer I started my career in academia firmly rooted in technology. Specifically, I was on the front line support of hardware and software utilized in classrooms. My day was spent thinking about technology, how it could be used, how it could fail, and what would be needed if it did fail.…

Faculty Technology Use in Teaching: Results from a Recent Landscape Survey


Faculty Technology Use in Teaching: Results from a Recent Landscape Survey We asked MSU faculty what technologies they use in their teaching, and how they learned about them – here’s what they said. By Jessica L. Knott, Learning Design Manager, MSU IT and MSU Hub This post discusses the findings of the recent technology landscape…