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Episode 9 – Graduating Student Reflection – Ashton Keys

Hello Everyone, and welcome to another episode of the Hubcast!

On this episode, we will be talking with Ashton Keys, another one of our graduating students. Ashton worked on numerous projects for the Hub including the Student Innovation Team and Science Gallery. He is also an extremely talented designer and entrepreneur,

006 “Accessibility” (Hubcast Episode)

On this week’s episode, we follow a conversation facilitated by Shell Little with the Accessibility Team in Will’s House. During the conversation, the team describes its role within Michigan State University IT, how they advocate for students with disabilities, and makes the case that Accessibility and Inclusion are critical to driving innovation forward.

After the First Episode

I can still recall the day that Dave Goodrich came up to Sean Meredith and me, completely ecstatic about this brand new idea called “The Hub” that had apparently been developing for the past year. After introducing and clarifying the concept, he ended his speech by appointing us the roles of “producer” and “host” for The Hub’s podcast show: the Hubcast.

Announcing the Launch of the MSU Hubcast

Dave Goodrich, Learning Experience Designer for the Hub, shares the news that the first episode of our podcast, the Hubcast, is live.

It might be an understatement, but we are excited about the launch of the HUB here at Michigan State University.