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Learning, Exploring, Leveraging, and Living – A Semester of PD (part 1 of 2)

As someone with “fixer” like tendencies, the welcoming staff at Bluedog helped me see the value in pause. I’m not used to pause. I’ve always worked in places and for people who wanted more, faster, now, better. I still do - but I’m learning to approach these challenges differently.

I’m tired. In the best way.

Since mid-February I have attended the Educause Learning Initiative (ELI) conference in Anaheim, an invited NSF work group on creating inclusive STEM studio learning environments, interned at an amazing design firm in Chicago for a week, and was the virtual engagement co-chair of the OLC Innovate conference.

Episode 14 – My Spartan Story

Episode 14

Welcome to the first Hubcast of 2019! In this episode, Bill Heinrich, head of assessment and experiential learning for the Hub, talks about My Spartan Story, a new interactive web-based platform to track MSU student learning experiences outside of the classroom. He speaks with Leslie Thompson, an academic advisor in the College of Natural Science,

A future comprehensive record and campus level pedagogical approach

social media image. Quote about the new co-curricular record

At MSU’s Student Success Launch (Monday, September 17, 2018), we, Scott, Heather, and Bill, had the opportunity to present and discuss our thinking and vision for a Comprehensive Learner Record (CLR) at MSU. The CLR (a term used at universities across the nation) is a way to visualize,

Close Observer: Peter Carrington’s Path to Purpose

MSU Hub intern and Journalism senior Stephanie McGavin reflects on interviewing artist Peter Carrington

Stephanie McGavin, Hub internStephanie McGavin is a senior studying journalism at MSU and a media and communications intern at the MSU Hub. For the Hub, Stephanie assists with the production and editing of written,

Serendipitous Learning Potential through Intentionally Designed Learning Spaces with Eric Kunnen

Serendipitous Learning Potential through Intentionally Designed Learning Spaces with Eric Kunnen

This post is the result of a collaborative effort by ThinkIn coordinator Gerald Rhead, Eric KunnenDr. Julie FunkRashad Muhammad & Dave Goodrich

The Hub’s January ThinkIn found us partnering with folks from the MSU Library,