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Digital Learning: What exactly do you mean?

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I’m Brendan Guenther, MSU’s first Chief Academic Digital Officer, and this is my first time writing for the Hub blog. Many of our colleagues in East Lansing know me as a technology leader for MSU IT. In this new role I will be working to realize MSU’s digital learning strategy.

Eliminating Math 1825 to benefit students

Quote from Becky Matz

Picture this: You’re an incoming freshman, ready to sign up for your first semester of classes at MSU. You didn’t reach a certain threshold on the required math placement examination and are now required to take Math 1825. Imagine this Math 1825 course being online and you not receiving credit for it,

Student Competencies and Experiential Learning: An Account from Justin Morrill College (1965-1979)

Three of six student competencies developed by faculty in the Justin Morrill College in 1974

This is the fourth post in a guest series by John Duley. In this post, Duley discusses his time as a faculty member in MSU’s Justin Morrill College (a predecessor of RCAH and Arts & Letters) and the student competencies its faculty sought to develop through experiential learning opportunities.

Course Resources and the Cost of Learning

How is it that students can spend less on course resources but learn more? A question by student researchers Erin Campbell and Ewurama Appiagyei-Dankah

Last fall we brought together Ewurama Appiagyei-Dankah and Erin Campbell, two undergraduate students, to collaborate on a research project. Ewurama and Erin wanted to know how

MSU educators make decisions about course materials, and how their fellow students feel about those choices. They started with a series of site-specific surveys to find out how much money students are spending on materials,

What is a Hub? Thoughts and Reflections from a Hailstorm

Text: "The HAIL Storm." Image: cloud with lightening bolt.

By Jess Knott, Learning Design Manager

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend Hailstorm (Harvesting Academic Innovation for Learners), a small and invite-only working group for a network of people working in units similar to the Hub from a number of institutions around the country.

Learning, Teaching, and a Culture of Care

"We need to be courageous enough to create space for change and the new language that will facilitate that change." - Jeff Grabill

By Jeff Grabill, Associate Provost for Teaching, Learning, and Technology

A number of faculty, students, and staff have been working on a new approach to educator professional development. It is an inclusive and community-based framework for how we can all grow as teachers and learners. It has been clear to each of us that this effort is,

On Thought Leadership and Impermanence

In the ecosystem of communities of practice, we must give what we want to receive, and support each other as we would like to be supported.

By Jessica Knott, Learning Design Manager

Today, I find myself reeling. The New Media Consortium (NMC), one of my most valued professional development organizations and networks declared itself financially insolvent yesterday. Treasured colleagues and role models now find themselves on the job market. And, the Horizon Report (which I am linking to here,

OSU Innovate Conference Reflection

Seven people at a white round table at dinnertime. There is a crowd behind them.

OSU Innovate Conference Reflection
By Dave Goodrich, Instructional Designer; Bill Heinrich, Director of Assessment; & Breana Yaklin, Instructional Designer

A couple van loads of Spartans attended the OSU Innovate conference down in Columbus, Ohio on May 16. What a conference it was! We had a lot of good reflective conversations over dinner,

Student Caring: A Call To Action

Amelia Gamel helps a student.

Student Caring: A Call To Action
In this reflection about student caring, Learning Experience Designer Dave Goodrich explores the question of what makes an effective teacher effective. Is there one common thread between faculty who engage and inspire students throughout their lives?
By Dave Goodrich

Good teachers possess a capacity for connectedness.

Art and Science in Review

Art and Science in Review

Bill Heinrich, Hub for Innovation in Learning and Technology Christy Stehouwer, MSU Neighborhoods Katherine Hagman, MSU Science Festival Kelly High McCord, MSU NeighborhoodsMarcus Sanderlin, MSU Career Services Mike Hicks, Department of Residence Education and Housing Services Peter Carrington, W.J. Beal Botanical Garden Roxanne Truhn, MSU Science FestivalBuilt on an unlikely collaboration of MSU units, Peter Carrington’s exhibit, Art and Science: Putting Your Passion to Work, welcomed novel audience experiences of art and meaning for students as well as a few lessons for planning and assessing the impacts of art installations in public-facing university spaces.