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Zaria Contejean – Science Gallery Mediator Profile

The role of the mediator was to really be that open line of communication between the art and the people that come into the museum,” - Zaria Contejean

In many museums, docents share knowledge about artwork or special exhibits with museum visitors. These docents receive training or are particular experts on certain movements or styles. For Science Gallery International, the docent role is transformed in several ways. First, the role is staffed by young people—the same people who are in Science Gallery’s target audience of 15-25-year-olds.

Manna Chowdhury – Science Gallery Mediator Profile

Quote from Manna Chowdhury: "Detroit is honestly one of the most diverse places that I've ever seen"

When Manna Chowdhury first became aware of the Detroit Science Gallery mediator position for the HUSTLE exhibit, it was because of a class she was enrolled in, while still in high school. After reading the mission statement and realizing that the mission of Science Gallery’s dedication to public engagement with science and art,

Episode 3 – Common Intellectual Experience

On this episode of the Hubcast Instructional Designers Breanna Yaklin and Caroline White discuss the work of the Common Intellectual Experience with Gabe Ording, the Director for Integrative Studies in General Science. The goal of the Common Intellectual Experience is to offer a series of linked science and math courses.

Art and Science in Review

Art and Science in Review

Bill Heinrich, Hub for Innovation in Learning and Technology Christy Stehouwer, MSU Neighborhoods Katherine Hagman, MSU Science Festival Kelly High McCord, MSU NeighborhoodsMarcus Sanderlin, MSU Career Services Mike Hicks, Department of Residence Education and Housing Services Peter Carrington, W.J. Beal Botanical Garden Roxanne Truhn, MSU Science FestivalBuilt on an unlikely collaboration of MSU units, Peter Carrington’s exhibit, Art and Science: Putting Your Passion to Work, welcomed novel audience experiences of art and meaning for students as well as a few lessons for planning and assessing the impacts of art installations in public-facing university spaces.