Ellie Louson

Learning Experience Designer
Energizer. Coach. Rock star.

Ellie is a Learning Experience Designer at the Hub, leading the Spartan Studios project where she works with faculty members to design interdisciplinary, experiential courses. She also provides research support to other learning design projects. She is a harmonizing leader who brings energy and interdisciplinary experience to her teams.

Ellie completed a PhD in Science & Technology Studies at York University, researching wildlife films’ representation of animal behavior. This work cemented for her the importance of engaged communication, storytelling, and the value of a big toolbox of methods. Before that she earned a Master’s in the History and Philosophy of Biology at the University of Toronto, and undergrad degrees in Philosophy and Biochemistry at Bishop’s University in Quebec. Nearly a decade as a camp counselor taught her the importance of community life at work.

In her spare time, Ellie plays in a rock band, attempts to grow vegetables, and doesn’t understand her Instant Pot. She teaches at Lyman Briggs College, MSU.

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