What is the Student Innovation Team?

Hub template with quote from Autumn Massey.

This blog post is intended to introduce the 2018-19 Student Innovation Team. These students, nine in total, come with a diverse skillset and are ready to solve the problems that permeate MSU’s students.

While the Hub is focusing on a myriad of projects related to learning, technology and innovation, the student innovation team is quietly brewing in the background as a solutions incubator for the students of MSU. They come together each week to address problems and opportunities on campus. The nine students come with a variety of academic experiences and specialties: experience architecture, neuroscience, communication, and accounting are just a few. “The Student Innovation Team is a group of students from very diverse majors who are passionate about having a positive impact on MSU,” said Erin Campbell, co-leader of the Student Innovation Team. “By learning about the human-centered design process, these students are empowered to take their individual passions and put them into action, all the while working together to enact change on campus.”


Some of their experiences outside the Hub help to inform the solutions they try out on the team. When they aren’t addressing ways to solve problems on campus, these students are usually kept busy by their robust involvement outside of the Hub. Jinghan Ni, a senior, works remotely as a user experience/user interface (UX/UI) designer for a startup in California. Lucia DiFranco, a junior, tutors for the non-profit, Read to Succeed. Aside from involvement in a wide array of activities, on and off-campus, these students are genuinely excited for the work that is to come. “This year I’m excited about trying something totally new. I wanted to take my senior year to do something different, and something that would make me grow,” said Autumn Massey, member of the team. “I’m excited to work with other students who are very different than me, and who think differently than me. Finally, I am thrilled to be able to have a platform to use my creativity to make MSU an even better place than it already is.”

The 2018-19 Student Innovation Team:

  • Elizabeth Cadotte – Social Relations and Policy with a minor in Secondary Education
  • Erin Campbell – Experience Architecture with minors in Spanish and Digital Humanities
  • Lucia DiFranco – Special Education & Social Studies
  • Maia Guenther – Accounting with a minor in Information Technology
  • Krubel Habteyes – Experience Architecture
  • Autumn Massey – Neuroscience
  • Jinghan Ni – Media and Information
  • Cindy Ochoa – Experience Architecture with a minor in Human-Computer Interaction
  • Josh Radom – Communication with minors in Public Relations and Entrepreneurship & Innovations

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Erin Campbell in front of a tree with purple flowers.

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Krubel Habteyes smiling in a black and white shirt.

Jinghan Ni smiling with sunglasses atop her head.

profile of Cindy Ochoa

Josh Radom with his tongue out and a hood over his head.