Design and deliver
transformative learning experiences

We help you identify, accelerate, and create new ways to learn. The Hub for Innovation in Learning and Technology provides capacity to campus in three domains to support MSU’s efforts to provide more valuable learning experiences.

First, we are a design consultancy. We work with faculty, staff, and students to conceptualize problems and opportunities and develop solutions. Second, we support the development or revision of online programs. Third, we help the campus think about the effective use of learning technologies.

Transformations that lead to more valuable learning experiences come from faculty, students, and staff working together across experiences, programs, and departments. Our job is to help identify, accelerate, and create new ways to learn.

Learning Experience Design

We help you design learning experiences. We’ll help you understand learners, map the experience, prototype and test the experience, and create a plan for success and sustainability.

Online Program Management

We help you navigate the online program management landscape. From market analysis to vendor relationships, to budgeting, we’ll provide guidance on the essentials for developing your program. You’ll emerge ready to realize and sustain new opportunities.

Culture Change

We help you create the conditions for growth and change you’d like to see in your program. We provide a variety of facilitated sessions to help with team alignment, strategic planning, change management, and learning and development for long-term transformation.

Innovation Workshops

We help you unleash the capacity of your teams. We offer workshops in design, facilitation, and team building to tap the resources you already have and to channel those resources in new ways. We can create a customized workshop experience to meet you where you are.

Design Sprints

We help you move quickly and thoughtfully to explore the opportunities in front of you. Design sprints provide key insights for solving complex challenges and a powerful team-building opportunity. We can facilitate sprints focused on your strategy, process, research, and culture.

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The Hub helps our partners design and deliver transformative learning experiences. Contact us to talk through your goals and ideas.

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