On the Horizon: MSU and the Future of Digital Learning

An image of a quote from Jessica Knott: "The future of digital learning is and must be a lot of things: scalable, open and shareable, universally designed and accessible, inclusive, conversational, and intentional."

By Jessica Knott, Learning Design Manager

One of the things we spend a lot of time thinking and talking about in the Hub is what the future of digital learning looks like at Michigan State University (MSU) and beyond. Some of the technologies we use in our teaching, learning, and research practices today are the same ones we used 20 years ago.

Episode 11 – Experiential Learning With Snares to Wares

Hubcast Episode Eleven

Welcome back for another episode of the Hubcast. This time we are discussing MSU’s “Snares to Wares” course. Which is an experiential learning course that incorporates the “Snares to Wares” initiative, and provides students the opportunity to work on an issue with the potential to improve human livelihood.

Episode 10 – Graduating Student Reflection – Linda Lay

Hello, and welcome to the Hubcast. This is our third and final interview with our graduating students. On this episode we are talking with Linda Lay, who ran the Student Innovation Team for two semesters. If you are a student who is interested in working at the Hub or IT Services,


New Co-curricular Record Will Illustrate Range of Student Learning Opportunities

By Bill Heinrich, Director of Assessment and Korine Wawrzynski, Assistant Dean of Academic Initiatives

MSU is developing a co-curricular record (CCR) to provide comprehensive evidence of students’ learning and engagement outside of formal coursework and academic programs. While we agree that faculty own the institution’s curriculum, learning takes place in multiple environments during college—and the CCR will create an opportunity to recognize and record student learning that occurs outside an academic course.

Episode 9 – Graduating Student Reflection – Ashton Keys

Hello Everyone, and welcome to another episode of the Hubcast!

On this episode, we will be talking with Ashton Keys, another one of our graduating students. Ashton worked on numerous projects for the Hub including the Student Innovation Team and Science Gallery. He is also an extremely talented designer and entrepreneur,

Coming Full Circle with the Co-Curricular Record: A Reflection

I always thought it would be amazing for an institution to highlight the meaningful work students were engaging outside of the classroom, and the Co-Curricular Record is a tool to accomplish such an endeavor.

By Eric Kang

When I was in undergrad, I used to tell my friends that I was working towards two degrees, one in psychobiology and another in co-curricular activities. My friends would laugh because they knew exactly what I meant about the latter degree, understanding my high level of involvement at the university in various student activities.

Episode 8 – Graduating Student Reflection – Hanna Kielar

Welcome to another episode of the Hubcast everyone!

We have entered the summer doldrums, and so we this would be a good time to reflect with our graduating student employees on their time here, what they have learned and what we can do to improve their experience. The next three episodes will all be reflective conversations with a different graduating student.


Storytelling, Collaboration, and Squad Goals: an OLC Innovate Experience

A group of professionals sit in a session at OLC Innovate.

By Jess Knott, Learning Design Manager

This April, I had the honor of serving as conference co-chair of the Online Learning Consortium Innovate conference in Nashville, Tennessee. It was a year of hustling data points, human needs, and new ideas. I offered to write a blog post about the experience,

The Snares to Wares Initiative

How Students Are Working to Make A Difference in Wildlife Conservation
By Lindsey Mutz

The decision to include students in Snares to Wares has been transformational to the growth of the Snares to Wares project. As a Film Studies and English major in the College of Arts and Letters, I had no idea the scope of the issue of wildlife conservation in East Africa.

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