Can a university redesign itself? Yes – with your help.

“Why would any human being anywhere in the world come to East Lansing, Michigan (of all places), for their education and spend lots of money to do so?”

We ask this a lot, because in order to serve the needs of students and create a culture of care, we have to regularly interrogate what we offer and reflect upon the value of that portfolio. For more on what we mean by a culture of care, see previous works by Hub director Jeff Grabill and CAL Dean Christopher P. Long. This commitment is reflected our value proposition, represented in the mission and vision of the Hub:

The Hub will collaboratively transform Michigan State University as a learning institution in order to realize a more valuable student experience.

The Hub guides our partners through a design process that facilitates transformation and creates sustainable learning solutions.

These are lofty goals. To execute them, we need to ask human-centered, design-focused questions about where we are, how we got here, where we’re going, and why.

In the coming months we will share a series of resources, narratives, case studies, and questions centered on how key competencies in design (learning design, assessment/research, learning technologies) and the basics of design inquiry (asking good questions, opening people to possibilities, structuring conversation, and providing intellectual and analytical value) help us imagine and create. Further, we will highlight some of the projects and people who have helped our partners incubate and grow ideas into action.

In the meantime, what do you want to know? What do you want to share? E-mail me at with your ideas, and keep an eye on this space. We’re about to have some fun.


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