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Innovation through Conversation

By Bill Heinrich, Director of Assessment at MSU Hub for Innovation in Learning and Technology
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[View the story “Innovation Through Conversations” on Storify]

Plotting Your Course on Coursera

By Alyssa Bradley, Nick Noel, with contributions from Emily Brozovic, Angela Martin, and Gerald Rhead

If you’ve read our previous Coursera post (MOOCs and MSU) then you know that Michigan State University has had great success on the Coursera platform. This success is not only from a revenue generation standpoint,


By Jerry Rhead, Emily Brozovic, Angela Martin, and Nick Noel

Michigan State University (MSU) has been experimenting  in the MOOC realm since 2012.  Our ongoing goal is to understand the ways in which MOOC adoption serves learners globally and how teaching large-scale online courses can inform new approaches to teaching and learning.  

The Science Gallery Method

Michigan State University is the latest member to join the Science Gallery Network, leading the development of Science Gallery Lab Detroit (SGLD). Science Galleries aim to engage 15 to 25 year olds in science, art, technology, and design in connective, participatory, and surprising ways. In this second post of this two-part series,

Safety Measures: Lessons in Collaboration

A camera and lenses sit on a table; there is a microphone on the camera and headphones next to it.

By Alyssa Bradley, Media Production Specialist

“Why do we fall, Bruce? So we can learn to pick ourselves back up.”

Now, while I’m no crime-fighting vigilante that dresses like a bat, this quote from the film Batman Begins really resonates with me, especially when it comes to the creative process.

Science Gallery Recap Part 1

Informational sign for SOUNDCHECK that explains the purpose and idea.

By Caroline White, Learning Technology Designer
In this first post in a two-part series, Caroline White, Learning Technology Designer, describes her recent visit to Science Gallery Dublin.


“Music is not limited to the world of sound. There exists a music of the visual world.” –Oskar Fischinger


What is a Co-Curricular Record and Why Does MSU Need One?

A student speaks with a visitor at a presentation gallery.

Purpose, Definitions, and Positioning. 
By Bill Heinrich, Director of Assessment, Hub & Heather Shea, Assistant Program Director, Residential Initiative on the Study of the Environment


Student academic success is regularly complemented and enhanced by out-of-class learning at most campuses, including ours. Yet, how do we know what students’ experiences outside of the formal classroom at Michigan State University contribute to their learning and development?

The MSU Teaching & Learning Spring Conference: Day 3

On May 11, the Teaching and Learning Spring Conference showcased more MSU educators and technologies. The highlight of the day was the lunchtime Twitter #edchat, with many using Twitter for the first time and engaging in a fast-paced digital dialogue about teaching and learning.

Overall, the conference was well attended,

MSU Teaching & Learning Spring Conference: Day 2


A brief recap of the second day of the Teaching & Learning Spring Conference. On May 10, we welcomed Michelle Pacansky-Brock, who gave a keynote on digital tools for humanizing learning. It set a hopeful, resourceful tone for our conference.

On May 10, approximately two hundred MSU educators gathered in Wells Hall to connect and learn about one another’s teaching.

The First Ever MSU Teaching & Learning Spring Conference: Day 1


A recap of the first day of the Teaching & Learning Spring Conference at MSU
by Blythe White with special thanks to Amy Martin.

The days between finals and the first summer term are a busy time for faculty and academic staff. In the past, many MSU units competed for academics’ time for their seminars and workshops.

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