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Because Experiences Matter, Universities Are (should be) Design Organizations

Experiences can be good or bad, and given the ubiquity of communication, stories about those experiences are told nearly every second of every day

The “business,” if you will, of higher education is to provide learners with transformative experiences.

Or it should be.

This is perhaps a controversial statement. To be sure, there are a number of different and contrastive if not competitive ideas about what a university is and should be.

Zaria Contejean – Science Gallery Mediator Profile

The role of the mediator was to really be that open line of communication between the art and the people that come into the museum,” - Zaria Contejean

In many museums, docents share knowledge about artwork or special exhibits with museum visitors. These docents receive training or are particular experts on certain movements or styles. For Science Gallery International, the docent role is transformed in several ways. First, the role is staffed by young people—the same people who are in Science Gallery’s target audience of 15-25-year-olds.

Ideas on Digital Learning: Reflections on our colleagues’ thoughts from the Future of Digital Learning Event

light blue corridor with white lines and black entrance at the end.

Earlier this semester, 134 faculty and staff from Michigan State University gathered at the Hub for six lightning talks from faculty representing the Colleges of Education, Music, Arts and Letters, Natural Science, and Communication Arts and Sciences.

Manna Chowdhury – Science Gallery Mediator Profile

Quote from Manna Chowdhury: "Detroit is honestly one of the most diverse places that I've ever seen"

When Manna Chowdhury first became aware of the Detroit Science Gallery mediator position for the HUSTLE exhibit, it was because of a class she was enrolled in, while still in high school. After reading the mission statement and realizing that the mission of Science Gallery’s dedication to public engagement with science and art,

The iOS Design Lab at MSU: Create. Share. Impact.

By fall 2018, the lab had recruited a cohort of 20 stellar students to embark on this year-long journey. - Sarah Gretter

Michigan State University has launched the first iOS Design Lab in the United States. The Hub for Innovation in Learning and Technology and the College of Arts & Letters have been working with Apple to offer students a space to create, share, and impact their communities by solving challenges through Swift,

What is #iteachmsu ?

screenshot of the #iteachmsu homepage.

The #iteachmsu Commons is an initiative that has been in the making for almost five years, driven by educators, for educators. Initially, Melissa McDaniels of The Graduate School and a group of graduate Teaching Assistants launched “Inside Teaching MSU” as a space for graduate student educators to share their teaching ideas and learn from each other through workshops.

What is the Student Innovation Team?

Hub template with quote from Autumn Massey.

This blog post is intended to introduce the 2018-19 Student Innovation Team. These students, nine in total, come with a diverse skillset and are ready to solve the problems that permeate MSU’s students.

While the Hub is focusing on a myriad of projects related to learning,

We Welcome Brendan Guenther as Chief Academic Digital Officer

As MSU has been working to design its digital learning future, it's become clear that we need leadership to focus on building our capacity and implementing our plans for our academic digital strategy. Quotation by MSU Provost June Pierce Youatt

MSU has been working to design its digital learning future, and as an important part of adding capacity to that process, Brendan Guenther has been moved into a new role, Chief Academic Digital Officer (CADO). As CADO, Brendan will provide leadership in the implementation and administration of MSU’s digital innovation programs and enabling technologies,

Reflection: John Duley’s Faith Journey and Morality in Education

As an educator and community leader I can say that a child without direction can get lost very quickly in this fast-paced, ever-changing world. Teaching a child that they matter and are important gives them a sense of purpose and belonging that doesn’t always come from home. A message from Edgewood Village Network Center director Awna Ari

This is the fifth post in a series by guest blogger and MSU professor emeritus John Duley. In it, he shares how his personal faith and experience in education have flourished together in his life and work in Edgewood Village. He posits that moral leadership is essential in education as the world moves toward the Age of Artificial Intelligence.

Student Competencies and Experiential Learning: An Account from Justin Morrill College (1965-1979)

Three of six student competencies developed by faculty in the Justin Morrill College in 1974

This is the fourth post in a guest series by John Duley. In this post, Duley discusses his time as a faculty member in MSU’s Justin Morrill College (a predecessor of RCAH and Arts & Letters) and the student competencies its faculty sought to develop through experiential learning opportunities.