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What is the Hub Online Program (OPM) Management Function and Why Does it Matter

While we have extensive experience in online spaces, and are experts in the conversations that must happen when developing program proposals and business plans we recognize that all of the expertise does not reside here with us alone.
Jess Know

To support the start up of new online programs at MSU, the Hub’s Online Program Management team provides free intermediary and consulting services to support the design, development, and sustainability of online/blended academic programs. Our services are focused on the following areas: Program Planning and Portfolio Management Financial analysis Market research  Program design & curricular…

Like to read? Read with us!

As we've recently welcomed our 21st president and with a new academic year upon us, it's a great time to try something new (to our little book club) - an invitation!
MSU Hub Book Club

By: Summer Issawi, Alicia Jenner, and Sarah Gretter When one of our team mates pitched the idea to of starting a book club to fellow Hub colleagues we were all in. We started the #MSUHubBookClub (as mentioned in a previous post) this past February and spend 4-5 weeks reading a book before we meet at…

Scholarship Opportunities and Looking Forward

So much teaching work is invisible. It's hard and it's inspiring, and we find ourselves back at square one as often (if not more often) than we find ourselves advancing to square two. And that's how it was to be if we're going to ask tough questions and engage in the necessary inquiry required when an institution works to shift from looking at the now to looking at tomorrow.

One of the most important functions of the Hub is connecting people and ideas to opportunities to share and grow (and meet more people and generate more ideas!). To that end, I’m writing to share an opportunity that came through 2018 Hub Fellow (and 2019 College of Agriculture and Natural Resources Excellence in Teaching New…

“Unlearning” to Teach and Learn

"I’m unlearning what it means to support different instructors carrying different paradigms about what it means to teach and learn." - Bill Heinrich

By Bill Heinrich, Director of Assessment In 1995 Robert Barr and John Tagg argued for a shift in paradigms. They asked us all to move from a more instructor focused classroom to a more learner focused one. Their work zeroed in on what faculty (and by extension, administrators and leaders) in higher education should do…

What is a Hub? Thoughts and Reflections from a Hailstorm

Text: "The HAIL Storm." Image: cloud with lightening bolt.

By Jess Knott, Learning Design Manager A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend Hailstorm (Harvesting Academic Innovation for Learners), a small and invite-only working group for a network of people working in units similar to the Hub from a number of institutions around the country. The goal of the Hailstorm network is…

The Graduate School/MSU Hub Fellowship

The Graduate School and Hub for Innovation in Learning and Technology at Michigan State University welcome you to innovate with us, influence the future of higher education, and further develop as teacher-leaders and public scholars by becoming a Graduate School/MSU Hub fellow. Through the fellowship, graduate students will be exposed to intellectual spaces at MSU…

Building Reflection Into Teaching

The Red Cedar River in winter, trees reflected in the water.

By Denise Acevedo, Assistant Professor in the Department of Writing, Rhetoric, and American Cultures Transforming Teaching Through Reflective Writing: Reflections of Michigan State University Writing Faculty (TTTRWE) is a year-long project that combines the reflective works from To Teach With Soft Eyes (League for Innovation, 2000) and aspects of a participant-planned professional development (PD) training,…

IT MSU-Hub Graduate Fellows: 2017

ITMSU-Hub Graduate Fellows: 2017

  We would like to take a moment to thank our inaugural IT MSU-HUB Fellows for their work during 2017.  The IT MSU-Hub fellowship is a collaboration between the Graduate School and The MSU Hub for Innovation in Learning and Technology.  The graduate fellows spent Spring 2017 and Fall 2017 as participant observers with faculty…

Connecting the Dots with Enacted Mental Models

By William Heinrich, Director of Assessment Summer is over us and campuses welcomed new cohorts of eager students in our (hopefully air-conditioned) classrooms and offices. This annual pattern reminds me to think ahead about who is coming to our campuses. Beloit College’s Mindset List is a great place to begin that exploration of what incoming…

Innovation through Conversation

By Bill Heinrich, Director of Assessment at MSU Hub for Innovation in Learning and Technology [<a href=”//” target=”_blank”>View the story “Innovation Through Conversations” on Storify</a>] [View the story “Innovation Through Conversations” on Storify]