Cori Fata-Hartley (2017-18)

Academic Student Affairs Assistant Dean (Curriculum Coordination), College of Natural Science

An institutional effort is underway to increase MSU’s 6-year graduation rate to 82% and to reduce the opportunity gap to below 15%. With these goals in mind, my project will focus on the retention, success, and academic experiences of two groups of students who tend to be interested in health science careers— Human Biology majors and students who select the pre-professional track in College of Natural Science with declaring an intended major. Data previously collected for MSU’s HHMI LEVERS grant showed that students who selected the pre-professional track as incoming freshman graduated at much lower rates than students who declared an intended major in a department of program. The overall goal of the project is to perform a case study that will help us understand how institutional efforts affect retention and success of a particular group of students. It is expected that lessons learned from the case study will be more broadly applied to other programs and student populations.