Dirk Colbry

Director of HPC Studies, Computational Mathematics, Science and Engineering(CMSE)

Jupyter notebooks allow for a dynamic mixing of formatted text, media, and interactive programming. If used properly, Jupyter notebooks seem to significantly improve communications between students and instructors compared to standard lectures and textbooks. The project, “Making Jupyter accessible and available for campus-wide use,” will investigate and hopefully fix some of the shortcomings of Jupyter notebooks as a first step to scaling the flipped classroom style courses and potentially moving them online. Some specific tasks include: Engaging the Jupyter community to make Jupyter notebooks fully accessible to individuals with disabilities; Investigating solutions to extend the Jupyterhub cloud server to all MSU students; and Extending the Jupyter model of teaching to compiled languages such as C, C++, Cuda and Fortran. (Current software is limited to interpretive languages such as Python, R, Julia and MATLAB)