Dustin Petty

Beginning in 2017, the Bailey Scholars Program (BSP) and the Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS) have partnered to give weekly leadership instruction to a dozen international undergraduate students who receive a scholarship from the OISS. These students have participated in the Global Spartan Leadership Program. Because of this partnership, in the future, the OISS will use the aforementioned scholarship to pay for the nine core credits for ten students to receive the Minor in Leadership in Integrated Learning from the BSP (ten new students each year). These students will all take the introductory core course, ANR 210, together as a cohort.

Dustin Petty’s proposed project is to develop unique learning experiences in the section of ANR 210 that will specifically cater to the diverse needs and worldviews of the international students. He will research similar programs, speak to international students to determine what they need/want, and develop a framework for the course. While the audience and approach will differ from other sections of ANR 210, the broad programmatic goals will remain the same; namely, to develop the capacity for each individual to be a self-directed learner and leader in their respective field and communities. Their program needs to meet their students where they are, hence the reasoning for this project.