Rob Roznowski

His Project is to create and curate an IAH class about mental health and the arts. Focuses on how the arts can engender a more positive take on self-talk and help lower anxiety and depression. He’ll be team teaching with partners from art, creative writing, dance, and music each teaching the students in IAH how to facilitate our exercises and then take it out to the neighborhoods to do pop up mental health events. His focus is on how living in the mindset of another can offer strategies for better and more productive self-talk. Students will read the “bios” of a variety of characters and then choose the one character they relate to or would like to play. The facilitator (a student from IAH) discusses with them a variety of acting approaches about body centers and working inside out. The student then reads the script with the facilitator. Following that first read, the student at the event listens to the inner monologue of the character they just played to hear how positive and proactive self-talk can hopefully break patterns or at the least offer respite from their possible self-judgment.