Sandy Burnley

Sandy Burnley is a PhD candidate in Victorian literature with a certification in Animal Studies and Digital Humanities. Her dissertation explores precarious relationships between humans and nonhumans in nineteenth-century British literature in order to resurrect a subversive and polyphonic narrative that resist ventriloquism and anthropomorphic interpretations.

Sandy founded The Undisciplined Classroom, a crowdsourced resource from trans-disciplinary instructors who care deeply about undisciplining the classroom. This website (currently in draft form) will serve as a community to exchange material, pedagogy, and ideas for an increasingly inclusive space. This project was inspired by an increasingly urgent call to implement antiracist pedagogies, assignments, and materials in the classroom. Regardless of the material we teach and the discipline from which we teach it, undisciplining the classroom requires equipping students with the tools to think critically, investigate sites of inquiry and intrigue, and provide various methodologies from which a student can approach, interrogate, and identify with topics that have a quotidian impact on their lives. Too large a task to tackle from one perspective, field, or university, this site is an ever-growing collection and conversation of anti-racist strategies with which instructors have found “success.” It is not a how-to guide but a community to promote conversation, build connections, and learn from one another’s experiences in the hope that we can provide a safe, diverse, and inclusive space for future students.