Nick Noel

Instructional Designer and Media Producer

Remaking the Future – An Education Focused Simulation Framework

This project will focus on the development, testing, implementation and assessment of a narrative based framework that can be integrated across course types and disciplines. It will challenge students to think through complicated problems facing human society, and develop explanations and solutions for them. We have received interest from the Center for Integrative Studies in General Sciences and Center for Integrative Studies the Arts and Humanities in using this framework in their courses. Our current plan is to run the simulation as a professional development activity for the two center’s faculty, and then integrate it into the courses of interested faculty.

Project Solution:

A focus of the Framework is on project based learning, which is an approach that is believed to enhance student learning as it requires students to think through problems and create a tangible solutions that demonstrate their learning. In this way students are using their knowledge in a practical manner, as they are are developing throughout the course. The idea is to increase retention and encourage higher order thinking.

The framework is intended to allow for greater student agency and communication, both within the course, and between courses running the framework. Students will be asked to propose and develop their own projects, based on their interests and the course content. In addition, they will reflect on projects from courses currently running the framework, or that have done so in the past. They will be asked to provide feedback to on current projects, and reflect on how all projects have affected their thinking on their own project.

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