Introducing the Why Does it Matter Series!

Photo by Chris Lawton on Unsplash

Ahhhh, October. Leaves are falling, apples are orcharding and pumpkin spice is… everywhere. I’m Dr. Jess Knott and I’m currently your content concierge for all things Hub-like and digital. In homage to changing seasons, the month of October will see an MSU Hub blog series featuring yours truly along with Brendan Guenther, Alicia Jenner, and Jerry Rhead highlighting the Hub’s online program management (OPM) strategies and how the four of us might help you achieve your online program goals.

Tomorrow, we will publish a post about what OPM is and why it matters. Next week, we’ll re-cap a recent visit from Wiley (one of our external partners) and share some of what we learned. We’ll also be talking about future directions and announcing a podcast highlighting the online program efforts and people of MSU! Are you marking your calendars? You should be marking your calendars. Or send me an e-mail (information included below) and I’ll happily send you calendar reminders on Office 365. The full schedule of posts is as follows:

10/3/2019 – Part 0: Introduction to the series (you’re reading it!)

10/4/2019 – Part I: What is the Hub Online Program (OPM) Management Function and Why Does it Matter?

10/8/2019 – Part II: What is Online Market Opportunity and Why Does it Matter?

10/15/2019 – Part III: Current Landscapes, Future Ideas – Why Looking Forward and Backwards Matters

10/21/2019 – Part IV: Introducing the What Do We Know Anyway Podcast – Why Talking to Each Other Matters

If that doesn’t sound like fun, I don’t know what does. It’s possible I need a hobby? Find us in the Hub at Halloween where you’ll see us dressed as our favorite online programs.* In the meantime, we invite you to view these blogs as a conversation, not simply a one-way sharing of information. Don’t hesitate to contact me at with anything that’s on your mind. We can only build this together – and the team and I are super excited about the opportunities (and challenges) ahead!


*If I can do some magical convincing and get the others on board with this. I will resort to light bribery if necessary.