MSU College of Veterinary Medicine Kicks Off Reinvention

Thursday, May 19, 2016 was a day of design and collaboration for the MSU College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM). Four facilitators from MSU Hub—Leigh Graves Wolf, Assistant Director; Breana Yaklin, Instructional Designer; and student researchers/designers Chloe Foster and Caroline White—led more than 60 CVM faculty, students, alumni, staff, employers, practitioners, industry, and government attendees through a series of design thinking exercises to reimagine and reinvent what it means to be an MSU CVM student. “The goals for the day were to envision the competencies of the graduates of the revised curriculum and their overall educational experience,” reported May 2016 CVM News.

“I have designed many physical pieces during my time at MSU (logos, posters, websites etc.), but the College of Veterinary Medicine Design Day was the first time that I had participated so heavily in designing an experience. It was incredibly fulfilling to see this project through from the early planning stages when nothing was concrete, to a full day packed with creativity and brainstorming madness,” said Chloe, one of the student researchers/designers. When asked to elaborate on her experience planning and running the design challenge, she explained:

“The challenge was to engage and excite people. Through various carefully crafted prompts and exercises, each participant created a picture of an ideal Doctor of Veterinary Medicine graduate. Then, in groups they synthesized all of their thoughts, mapping them out to create a journey of experiences at MSU that a student would be need to become that ideal graduate. Mentorship, official or unofficial, has been an important and incredibly meaningful part of my experience at MSU so I was very pleased to see it included over and over across every group as an integral part of the ideal learning experience.”

Check out a social media recap of the big day below.



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