Proactive Advising

MSU Hub is supporting the Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education and the Associate Dean for University Advising to move from being a reactive advising environment to a proactive advising environment. Proactive advising is a part of the Student Success Transformation Initiative. The goals of the project focus on efforts that can help advisors in their daily roles and on changing the organizational structure of advising roles to support students through direct interaction across all Colleges and Neighborhoods. The priorities of this project are to:

  • Establish collective understanding of proactive advising
  • Identify advisor needs for collaboration and tools
  • Establish aligned professional development programs
  • Create corresponding advisor and advising unit assessments and metrics
  • Maintain clear, consistent, and timely engagement across advising community

Three working groups consisting of academic advisors have been established to focus on the priorities above: Professional Development & Training, Tools & Collaboration, Assessment & Metrics.

Our Partners

  • Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education
    Associate Dean for University Advising

Our Process

A graphic with four concentric circles that read (from the outside to the center): University processes that support advising; Understand and support all MSU students... to learn and persist; Collaboration, Tools, Professional Development, Measurement; Ethics and Integrity, Trust and Respect, Strength in Diversity and Inclusiveness, QualityTo begin the work of the project, the Hub guided university advising leadership through a retreat to develop a mission statement and the Academic Advising Core Expectations. To support the three working groups, the Hub developed guiding templates aligned to the student success framework. The Hub helps to facilitate conversations between working groups and advising fellows and find key resources and contacts to support the work of each working group. The Hub also helped to coordinate academic advising townhalls and communication efforts to keep the work transparent and the advising community engaged.

Project Team

  • Sekhar Chivukula, PhD, Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education (APUE)
  • Debra Dotterer, Assistant Dean, University Advising,
  • Dorcia B. Chaison, PhD, Director of Academic Advising and Undergraduate Programs, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources,
    Advising Fellow, Professional Development & Training Working Group
  • Kristy Dumont, Assistant Director for Student Affairs, College of Education,
    Advising Fellow, Tools & Collaboration Working Group
  • Sadiq Mohammed, Academic Advisor, Honors College,
    Advising Fellow, Assessment & Metrics Working Group


The Proactive Advising Project wrapped up as a Hub project in early 2018. The Proactive Advising team carried on this work throughout 2018 and into 2019. In May 2018, the Proactive Advising Steering Committee updated each of the three working groups (Professional Development, Assessment & Metrics, and Tools & Collaboration) with new working group lead fellows and group members. The new working groups have spent the remainder of 2018 and 2019 carrying out the goals and plans originally set out by the original working groups. The Hub has provided instructional design support for the Professional Development group to create new online orientation for incoming academic advisors.